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Keep a High Profile: Link Building for Your Professional Service

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Whether you’re part of a healthcare team, architect group, accounting firm, or law practice, link building is beneficial to your organization in several ways.

First, a link on a heavily trafficked and relevant website will significantly improve your visibility with potential customers — whether they be prospective patients, property managers, business executives, or individuals in need of your expertise. The more entities interested in your services seeing a link to your website at the right time, the more phone calls (or form fills, chat entries, and other goals you’d like to achieve) will make their way to you.

Backlinks go beyond just getting some eyes on individual URLs or anchor text, though; they help improve your overall SEO impact. Search engines consider backlinks as a cumulative indicator of quality. If a highly-frequented and reputable site links to information on yours, search engines see it as a sign that your information is valuable, helping boost your rankings for searches related to that page. However, search engines have gotten wise to the black-hat tactics of old — and spammy or otherwise low-value sites linking to your own could do more harm than good.

While there are directories and SEO best practices to rely on, there are also more organic ways to build links. Today, we’ll go over a few simple ways you can enhance your professional service’s backlink profile.

Share Your Expertise with Guest Posting

Guest posting is what it sounds like — a strategy in which you can publish content on another website or publication and obtain a link in the process. This may involve reaching out or collaborating with professionals in your sector, business owners, or industry associations to secure guest-posting opportunities. It is an excellent way to showcase your unique perspective and insight on a trending topic or hot-button issue you believe people are turning to the web for.

Sponsor Events and Organizations in Your Community or Niche

Non-profits, educational organizations, recreational leagues, hobby groups, and many more are always looking for sponsors. A relatively small donation may grant you sizable returns in terms of community presence and overall visibility. Additionally, you’ll be able to get some links directly from each organization’s website. If local media gets involved, you’re presented with yet another opportunity! This leads us to our next point:

Set Up a Scholarship Program

We know, we know — easier said than done! Scholarship link building demands lots of time and resources, but the payoff could be well worth it. There are plenty of upsides to your professional service initiating a scholarship program; backlinks from high-DA, authoritative .edu sites, user-generated content for your own website, clearly-defined target lists, and establishing goodwill among your community and future industry players. Effective outreach and engaging content will be the name of the game here!

Receive Comprehensive Digital Marketing Solutions for Your Professional Service

Backlinks are simply one way of boosting SEO and getting users to your site, but they are hardly the be-all-end-all. Regularly publishing (and disseminating) great content is another essential component of your SEO campaign, as well as on-site elements that help convert visitors to customers or clients.

For more information about our full suite of digital marketing services, including SEO, content marketing, and website design, reach out to our team today!

About the Author:

Spencer Coulton is a Content Editor at 1SEO. When not writing, he can be found strumming his guitar, attempting to brew the perfect cup of coffee, or biking around Philadelphia — sometimes all at once.

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