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A Social Media Partner You Can Count On

Running a social media business page for your roofing company is much different than just using your personal page. Through your business page, you have a lot of different options to send content out to a wider audience — but if you’ve just been boosting posts, you’re missing out on the full potential.

We are proud to be recognized as a Facebook Marketing Partner, which means that our social media team stands at the top with a select few agencies across the country. Not only are we well-versed in the platform, but we’ve been consistently successful for our clients.

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The Top Facebook Marketing Team for Roofers

Facebook is an effective platform to reach a wide audience, since most American adults have an account. When we market your company on Facebook, it’s different from marketing on other channels. That’s because when people are on social media, they’re not actively searching for a service; instead, they are passively absorbing content that happens to catch their interest.

This is different from PPC for your roofing company, where we are trying to reach people who have an immediate need. However, one thing that is similar between the two is that they both have specific targeting options that let you show your ads to an audience that is more likely to be interested in your services. Additionally, Facebook is typically a very cost-effective platform, often with a much lower cost per click than what you might pay for PPC.

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Reaching Your Audience with Creative Content Marketing

As we mentioned, when advertising your roofing company on social media, you need to get creative. Instead of just directly pushing sales, our team will develop a content marketing strategy to share information with your audience. For example, you could share helpful information about the different types of roofs that you install, or you could focus on the benefits of a particular material. This type of content will help inform someone’s decision who might be thinking about a roof replacement or installation.

The content that we create for your social media will also work to support your roofing company’s SEO campaign when we post it on your website. By sharing helpful information on both your site and on your social platforms, we will also be building trust in your brand.

Remarketing Ads for Roofers on Social Media

When we share your content on social media, we will be able to start building an audience based on people who have interacted with your content. Then, we will be able to send them additional reminders about your service or show them ads about any specials that you’re currently offering to prompt them to take further action, such as call you or contact you online.

Instagram: Another Avenue for Roofing Contractors

If you’re looking to expand your audience even further, Instagram marketing could be an option to pursue. Instagram is a highly visual platform, so people here are looking for high-quality pictures and videos. This could be an excellent place to show off beautiful new roofing installations that you’ve completed.

Showcase Your Roofing Company on Social Media

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