Retargeting: Stay in Front of the People Who Need You

Most companies — not just pool contractors — think that winning on social media is all about running ads and asking for conversions. Unlike them, though, you know that it’s about providing an experience. And here’s where it all comes together…

Once you build your audience, it’s time to target them with conversion ads. For pool companies, the most valuable conversions are typically leads. Let us clarify with an example:

  • Let’s say you build an audience with a video. 
  • Everyone who watches that video is now eligible for a conversion ad because they’ve shown interest in your brand.
  • You now have everyone who watched that video segmented into an audience that you can now target for the next 180 days, approximately — which is plenty of time to turn those interested people into prospects for your pool company. 

Today Is the Day Your Pool Company Starts Winning on Social Media

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