While traditional marketing methods still have their place, if you really want to make sure that people are aware of your services, then it’s an absolute necessity to go digital with your marketing.

Choosing a plastic surgeon is a process that may take someone weeks or months — and when they’re researching online to make their decision, you want to make sure that your practice stands out. The team of experts at 1SEO I.T. Support & Digital Marketing has experience promoting practices like yours online, and we have the know-how to help give you the competitive edge you need.


Show Up in More Searches with SEO

When you want people in your area to be able to find you, it’s essential to have local SEO for your plastic surgery website. Our team will do research based on the services that you want people to contact you for the most, as well as conduct an analysis of your competitors to find the best keywords to use to optimize your site. Over time, the relevancy for these keywords will increase, helping more patients find you.

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Find the Right Audience Using PPC Advertising

With pay-per-click (PPC) advertising for your plastic surgery practice, we can help you pinpoint your ideal customers and deliver ads specifically targeted to that demographic. We’ll write compelling ad copy for your search ads that will tell your potential patients just what they need to know to make them want to click and learn more about your cosmetic surgery services.


Reach New Potential Patients on Social Media

Advertising on social media is different than paid search advertising. If you try and make a hard sell, the message won’t resonate with your audience. Instead, you want to inform and educate to help people make their decision. By offering insight, you are also helping to build trust in your brand, which will help patients be more comfortable with choosing you. In this way, social media can help your plastic surgery practice get more leads who are qualified and genuinely interested in your plastic surgery services.  


Give Your Website a Facelift

As a cosmetic surgeon, your primary goal is to help people look and feel their best. So what happens when they get to your website and it looks like it hasn’t been updated in years? It may give them the wrong impression about your practice. Revitalize your plastic surgery’s website with the help of our designers to make sure that your potential patients get the right first impression.


Become the Top Plastic Surgeon in Your Area

Are you ready to start attracting more patients to your cosmetic surgery practice? Find out how easy it is to get started with digital marketing by contacting us.