Stretch Your Marketing Budget Further

When we discuss traffic to your website, there are two main types of traffic we’ll talk about: organic and paid. SEO works to improve your organic traffic. Unlike your painter PPC campaign, with organic traffic, you can’t pay to appear higher in the results, and you also won’t pay anything when someone clicks on your website. This makes SEO a very cost-effective strategy for your painting company in the long-run.

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Optimal Content for Both Visitors and Search Engines

An essential component of incorporating SEO is optimizing the content on your website. To do that, we will incorporate the painting contractor keywords that you’ve chosen into the content on the appropriate pages of your site. While having the right keywords will help your pages to show up more frequently in search results, it’s important that once someone lands on the page that the content provides them with useful information about your painting services and why they should choose you.

In addition, we’ll create content on an ongoing basis, such as blogs, videos, and infographics, which will be posted on your website and incorporate linked painting keywords to improve the relevancy for those terms. Plus, we’ll share these pieces on your painting company’s social media pages to help expand your audience by sharing helpful tips and show that you’re knowledgeable in your industry.

Update Your Digital Phone Book Listing

How often have you opened a phone book in the past ten years? Chances are, not very often (if at all) and you can expect that it’s the same for your painting customers. That’s why you need to have updated and accurate listings for your painting company across the internet. Perhaps the most important of these is your Google My Business profile, which will show up on the right side of the search results when people search for your company. Our team will ensure that this profile is up-to-date with your correct address, phone number, website, and other information. We’ll also help to ensure that your listings are correct across other directories, such as, Angie’s List, and Yelp.

Stay Up-to-Date with Customized Reports

Have you worked with SEO companies for your painting contractor business in the past who didn’t keep you updated about your performance or tell you how many leads you were getting? When you work with us, we won’t leave you in the dark. Each month, we’ll send you your customized digital marketing report so you can see everything going on with your campaign at a glance. You can also access this data at any time through your dashboard.

Work with the Best SEO Agency for Painters

Don’t wait for your competitors to outrank you in the search results. Start building up your painting company’s SEO today. Find out how to get started by reaching out to us.