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You might have heard that social media can be a beneficial advertising platform. Maybe you’ve even tried to run ads or boost posts on your own, but didn’t get the results that you hoped to see. To make the best use of your ad budget, you need someone who knows how to make social media go to work for electricians like you.

1SEO is proud to be a Facebook Marketing Partner. This status makes us one of the top social media marketing agencies in the country, and it is proof that we consistently get results for electricians like you.

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Electrify a New Audience with Facebook

Advertising your services on Facebook can be a great way to reach an entirely new audience who may not be aware of a need that they have. Unlike SEO, when someone is actively searching for an electrician, on social media, they are more interested in looking at pictures and videos. By sharing content on Facebook, you have the potential to reach a wide audience. Similar to the way that you would run PPC ads as an electrician, there are a number of targeting options on Facebook to show your content to specific groups of people. Plus, Facebook tends to have a lower cost per click than many other platforms.

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Catch Their Attention with Creative Content Marketing

On social media, the key to success is being able to capture someone’s interest. This can be a difficult task when you consider what you’re competing within their newsfeed — a friend’s baby pictures, the latest viral video, an emotionally-charged status — the list goes on. To stand out, we’ll work with you to develop a content marketing strategy. By offering your audience content that they may find valuable or interesting, they are more likely to engage with you as an electrician.

Stay on Their Mind with Retargeting Ads

Once someone engages with your brand on social media, either by watching a video or clicking a link, we can capture their information and then show them additional ads in their feed. This is a good opportunity to remind them of the content that they interacted with and follow up with additional information that might interest them, such as a special that you’re currently running.

Find Additional Opportunities on Instagram

Another option to pursue on social media for electricians is Instagram marketing. This is a highly visual platform, making it ideal to showcase projects that you’ve done in videos and photos. Marketing on Instagram can support your Facebook efforts and help you reach a wider audience.

Work with the Best Social Media Team for Electricians

If you’re not using social media to advertise as an electrical contractor, then you’re missing out on an entire audience that may not even know they need you yet. Find out how to leverage Facebook and more when you contact us.