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Get in Front of Your Customers with Social Media Marketing for Your Car Dealership

With so many people constantly browsing their social media apps throughout the day, there is a great market to get your car dealership’s brand out there — are you taking advantage of it? Think about it; what is the main goal of your car dealership? To sell cars. With social media marketing you can reach a widespread audience and get your message across with something as simple as a picture on Instagram. At 1SEO I.T. Support & Digital Marketing our team of social media gurus knows how to develop engaging social media posts not just on Instagram, but across several platforms which can help specifically build your car dealership’s brand. There is a great opportunity for car dealerships to use social media marketing to their advantage in an incredibly competitive field.

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Sharing Is Caring

Our team of experts are trained to create and manage your various social media accounts. By doing this, they can help you develop a strong following and make sure that the right users are seeing your ads in their feed. With the ever-changing world of social media, we adapt to shifts and create strategies accordingly.

Client Success Story

What We Have Under Our Social Media Hood

As a client of 1SEO, we always work our hardest to go above and beyond so that your car dealership sees the results it needs to be successful. With people searching all over the internet, on websites and social media outlets to see available cars, our social media experts are able to create strategies that target these users and have your brand show up right on their device. The social media platforms that we incorporate for car dealerships include:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Snapchat

Paid social ads can be an incredible tool for growing your brand awareness, and our social media specialists have the experience and know-how your dealership needs to flourish. Our team at 1SEO can run social media ad campaigns directed at potential buyers within a certain radius of your dealership, target audiences within desired demographic groups, and design curated content that will engage and draw in would-be customers. You want your dealership to stay ahead of the game, and investing in paid social ads is perfect for making your dealership instantly findable, giving you a headstart on the competition.

Showcase Your Showroom and Drive In Results

We believe in transparency at 1SEO, and we will always share with you the direct results of the ad campaigns that we run for you. If you have a promotion that you’re ready to run, our team is all ears. Together, with the power of social media and your car dealership’s brand, you will begin to see results that benefit your whole business.

Find out how social media, in conjunction with PPC, can give your car dealership the edge in the marketing world. Call 1SEO today at 215-946-1046 to schedule a free consultation.

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