How Much Will Google Local Services Ads Cost?

With Google Local Services, you only pay for business or service-related leads. Here’s how it works:

You set a weekly budget limiting the total number of leads you receive in a given week. The number of leads may change from day to day, but even so, you will never spend more than your designated weekly budget.

You also have the ability to immediately dispute any leads that are not valid.

How Does Google Charge for Google Local Services Leads?

Advertisers using Google Local Services are charged for each lead they receive, and lead prices are set for each city, so there will always be a flat lead price.

You’ll never pay more for leads than the amount specified in your weekly budget.


A valid lead is a lead that is related to your business or the services you provide, and can occur in the following situations when customers find your Google Local Services ad on Google:

  • You answer a phone call,
  • you speak with a customer about a service/job type that you provide,
  • in the geographic market you are targeting,
  • during your available business hours,
  • and the call lasts longer than 30 seconds.
  • Alternatively, you miss a call from a potential customer and then return the call.