Let 1SEO Be Your Missing Link

While regularly posting is essential, our social media specialists and pay-per-click experts near Philadelphia can also optimize your page and get your name out there. Our team will expand your customer base by connecting you with specific users looking for businesses like yours. We will also work with you to leverage your employees’ LinkedIn connections to reach a wider audience.

LinkedIn advertising may be more expensive than other social platforms, but it allows you to take advantage of their highly profitable audience. You can target users with laser focus, which will help you connect with exactly the right people. For example, you could choose to only show your ads to Human Resources professionals or significant decision makers like CEOs. With your networking skills and the guidance of your 1SEO team, you can link up with potential partners, customers, and employees in a snap.

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Here’s what we can do to help your business succeed on LinkedIn:

  • Create regular, “organic” posts to interact with your connections.
  • Craft sponsored posts to advertise to a highly targeted audience.
  • Make LinkedIn groups to interact with professionals in your industry.
  • Share industry articles to establish your business as a thought leader.
  • Engage customers with pay-per-click text ads.

1SEO doesn’t stop at optimizing your LinkedIn profile. We lead the pack in SEO consulting, pay-per-click advertising, and more. Contact us today to gain more customers and boost your revenue. Whether you’re based in Bucks County, Philadelphia, or anywhere else across the U.S., we’ll show you how to link up with Linkedin.