a look at facebook insights

Take a closer look at how marketing on Facebook can benefit your business.

Increase your following and get in front of your target demographic. With Facebook advertising, you can hone in on your ideal audience. Once you select your target demographic, your ads will be seen exclusively by people who are looking for your products or services.

Strengthen your brand. As customers see your logo and page more often, even if they just happen to see it as they scroll through their newsfeed, they’ll be able to recognize your brand more quickly, making them more likely to consider your products or services in the future.

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Help you connect and engage. One of the biggest strengths of Facebook marketing is being able to actively engage with your audience. Allow your audience to interact with your company by liking or commenting on your posts, sharing your content, participating in contests, and more. Keep them engaged even while they’re away from Facebook by getting their email addresses through contests and other promotions you run.

Having a Facebook page can propel your company in ways that traditional ad outlets may not be able to.

Building Brand Loyalty, One “Like” at a Time

Facebook also grants an opportunity for your business to show your human side. Show your customers you care by using your page to acknowledge customer concerns directly. When customers have something great to say about your business, or they have a question they want answered, interacting with them via the comment section or a direct message lets you another layer to your customer service.

At 1SEO, our team of specialists based in Bucks County helps you get customers through the door and keep them coming back through a variety of paid and organic strategies that include:

  • Building custom audiences and Facebook remarketing to connect with potential customers
  • Creating and boosting ads to generate sales based on your current promotions
  • Dropping “pins” on locations to advertise in a highly targeted radius, such as an event venue
  • Tracking and reporting through the Facebook pixel, a code installed on your website, to measure actions taken after someone visits from your Facebook page
  • Featuring contests and special offers to boost customer engagement
  • Posting status updates and articles regularly to keep the attention of your audience and establish yourself as an industry leader
  • Utilizing new Facebook-exclusive features (such as Canvas ads)

1SEO: Fulfilling your Needs, Refueling Your Brand

As Facebook Marketing partners, we use cutting-edge trends and strategies to supercharge your marketing initiatives. We use research to determine what your demographic wants, and then find the best ways to reach them.

Let the social media specialists at 1SEO in our Philadelphia-area headquarters revamp your Facebook presence and help you engage customers in ways you may have never been able to before.

Contact us today to see how you can make the most of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms.