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Reputation Management & The Legal Services Professional: Reputation Management Mistakes are Crimes – so how many Legal Services Firms should be Doing Time?

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What follows is in no way, shape, or form a politically-charged blog, and will not contain any political bias or opinions – promise. As a digital agency, we have an obligation to our clients (and ourselves) to be aware of the overall political climate, and specifically how that climate may affect many of the businesses we represent. We do not limit this understanding to the narrow geographic confines of the Philadelphia & Central New Jersey region in which we base ourselves. 

Top 3 Online Reputation Management Mistakes for The Legal Services Industry


As an award-winning internet marketing agency, our most-demanded services like search engine optimization (SEO) are not limited solely to local businesses within the southeastern Pennsylvania counties of Bucks, Montgomery, Berks & Chester. We have clients from coast to coast who come to us for our skills with Social Media advertising. Even more impressive, we have numerous international clients looking to expand their U.S. market penetration by utilizing our 2020 U.S. Search Award-nominated prowess with pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

With that foundation established, and disclaimer stated for the record, please allow us to now ask the following question, that is of a general political nature:
Is anyone watching the political party conventions – other than us?
Our Reputation Management Week intro blog from Monday talked about potential libel or slander charges that could arise from fictitious claims about someone, or dispersing false information about a person that calls their character into question. There are likely more than a handful of Lawyers or other Legal Services providers in our audience today that focus on, or even specialize in, dealing with defamation of character suits. 
We’re asking this “hot topic” question from the political spectrum because we’re discussing the need for reputation management. If there was ever an example of the importance and value of managing one’s reputation, these conventions are it. If any of us were to say in public what we thought about someone’s professional qualifications & accomplishments in a tone similar to what all of these “representatives of the people” said about each other, we would likely find ourselves in desperate need of a defense attorney! Think about the questionable ethics displayed, the varying degrees of “character assassinations,” and the outrageous claims made during the speeches given throughout the conventions. Some are so beyond belief, we wonder how they manage to avoid legal charges!
Everyone must take measures to repair one’s reputation after being defamed. Nevertheless, the best way to secure a reputation is by protecting it from potential threats proactively, and that can only happen by implementing an effective reputation management strategy. Many clients come to us for our reputation management services. Rarely are those clients coming to us from the legal services industry, which we find a bit funny because many within the legal services industry fail to secure their own online reputations proactively! We see many errors, omissions & oversights within this industry, and thought we would use this time to highlight the Top 3 Online Reputation Management Mistakes for the Legal Services Industry.
  • It’s Not About You – It’s About Them: The client’s “total experience” with your agency, and everyone within it, is a sizable contributor to what they ultimately think & say about your firm. The fact that clients are paying you for your time & services suggests that you might wish to maximize their satisfaction with your services & company. Doing this will help you avoid any potential negative reviews their dissatisfaction may prompt them to post, and it will lead to their more favorable opinions towards your firm.
  • Survey Says…?: There are several ways your legal services agency can find out just what your clients think about your firm, but all of them involve you asking them for their opinions. Use a customer satisfaction survey to show them that you care about their experiences with your company, and get them to open up & share their feelings on multiple aspects of your operation. 
  • Knowing Is Only ½ Of The Battle: The information revealed by your client survey & polling efforts can serve you on several levels. Any “less-than-excellent” feedback can help you fine-tune your services & procedures in the future. Getting great feedback can help you ask the next logical question: “Would (you) be willing to provide those rave reviews in an online review for us?” The more positive reviews your agency shows in its online profile can accelerate your striving to achieve the next level of success.
You keep serving the greater community with your services while we continue to serve the greater legal services community with ours! Is your Legal Services business in need of some professional assistance in managing your online reputation? Contact 1SEO’s experts for a free digital marketing assessment today! 

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