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Home Services Guide to Social Media in 2021

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Home services have a unique opportunity in front of them. Everyone’s first instinct at the end of 2020 is to put everything about this tumultuous year in the rearview and focus solely on the future. Leave the pain and uncertainty behind and focus on building your brand and finding ways to help serve your customers. However, the best social media strategies help take the stories about your business, your team, and your customers and weave them into one cohesive narrative. Properly leveraging your social media presence can help you create increased brand awareness and generate new and productive leads to drive your home services business into the future. 

The Difference Between Recognition and Awareness

A critical part of every successful social media marketing strategy revolves around creating brand awareness. Now, this isn’t simply putting an ad on social media, and people recognize it based on the look alone. That would only qualify as recognition. For true brand awareness, people that interact with social ads and accounts need to feel something when they see and interact with your brand. They should know what your brand represents and generate an emotional response in the user and potential lead. 

Engaging Content Always Wins

Planning out your 2021 social media strategy, you want to engage with your audience on the channels they use and look for businesses to utilize daily. Some quick research can help you determine where you can find the people most likely to engage with your content. However, you can position yourself on the right platform, create your account, and have a strategy and still go nowhere. The key to gaining traction in the social media landscape comes down to the quality of your content. 

People are almost overwhelmed with new content on social media platforms. Companies overload their social feeds with piece after piece of content, and users become exceedingly picky about the types of content they interact with on these platforms. To drive engagement numbers and brand awareness, you need to have engaging content to share with users. Visual content, whether infographics, images, or videos, perform the best and give users something interesting to look at and absorb. You can fit a ton of information into these visual pieces and increase your brand’s overall awareness. 

Turning Awareness into Leads

Part of creating brand awareness is the goal of bringing people into your funnel and make them more likely to further engage with your brand, ultimately transforming from a lead into a conversion. However, a brand awareness campaign differs from a lead generation campaign due to the end goal. Brand awareness aims to raise your standing within your target audience; they know who you are, what you’re about, and have begun to build that trust. A lead generation campaign focuses on turning these users that know who you are into actionable leads for your business. For a home services business to continue to grow, they need new leads that become paying and satisfied customers. But what does a lead generation campaign for a home services business look like on social media? 

Making Sense of Lead Generation Campaigns for 2021

Lead generation on social media platforms can take many forms. From paid ads, running contests, a dedicated social media video marketing initiative to running referral campaigns to give your existing customers incentives to share your business with their friends, you can find a multitude of avenues to generate new qualified leads. For the home services industry, you want to find the right avenues to engage your potential customers in meaningful ways and create a space for ongoing conversations that can help improve your business and bring in new revenue. 

The Right Balance Between Outbound and Inbound Lead Generation

For your 2021 social strategy, you want to determine how you are allocating your digital marketing budget to get the best results. Finding the balance between paid outbound strategies and owned inbound strategies can help you maximize the potential number of qualified leads that can be found on social media. The paid outbound content can help you reach people your content would not have seen otherwise. Simultaneously, the inbound organic channels like your website and social media channels themselves provide you with ways to create leads organically through the quality content you create and share. The best paid outbound content will feel like a natural extension of your inbound channels and create a seamless voice across all of your marketing efforts. 

How 1SEO Can Help Steer Your Social Efforts in 2021

Creating and sustaining a strong social media campaign can help businesses thrive and push themselves to the next level. For business owners who do not have experience creating brand awareness and lead generation campaigns, having an experienced social media team by your side can help make the most of your efforts! 

By bringing in 1SEO, our team of social media experts will help craft the kinds of campaigns that will increase your brand awareness across the board and generate qualified leads that you can capitalize on in the new year! Contact our team to learn more today!

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