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Back to Basics: What You Need to Know About Reputation Management in 2021

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Define: reputation management. If you were to type that exact phrase into Google, you wouldn’t actually get a Dictionary definition but Ads, blogs, and other articles from websites that are all doing their best to answer the question of “What is Reputation Management.” Suppose you were to ask the experts at our Philadelphia-area digital marketing agency. In that case, we’d tell you that it’s a term coined to define the action of either repairing, monitoring, and even building a person or brand’s online reputation. Wikipedia actually has quite a comprehensive explanation of the phrase beginning with describing it as the “the influencing and controlling or concealing of an individual’s or group’s reputation.” When it all comes down to it, reputation management — whether it’s online or offline — is simply that, it’s managing a reputation.

While not much has really changed this year for reputation management, the fact remains that it’s still important for any brand. Why? The Internet is a free-for-all, and (in the majority of cases) people can say whatever they want, whenever they want, about whoever and whatever they want. You might even want to consider that around 90 percent of consumers are reading online reviews about businesses before moving forward with them.

Why Online Reputation Management Will Always Important

It’s never not going to be important. With online review sites like Yelp, TripAdvisor, and the Better Business Bureau, the countless number of social media sites, as well as the ability to create websites at the click of a button — reputation management will always be necessary. There are more ways to write negative and positive reviews as well as spread false information about anyone or anything than ever before. And, let’s not forget about person-to-person communication. With all of these things affecting a consumer’s viewpoint, reputation management is one thing that is never going away, and neither will the things that make it happen.

Reputation Management Remains All-Encompassing

As previously stated above, reputation management involves repairing, monitoring, or even building an online reputation. However, how is this done at a digital marketing agency like 1SEO? Well, it’s done in many ways, so you should contact us to learn how it can be done for you or your company. 

Essentially, each reputation management strategy is unique, and some of the things you could expect consist of:

Website Design and Development

One of the first ways of controlling an online reputation is through a website. After all, your or your brand’s first online impression should come from a website. 

Our website design and development team will use the industry’s latest design and development trends and tools to portray your new (or current) website in the best light possible on every device. They will also follow the best user experience and search engine optimization practices.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Ah, yes, of course, one of the holy grails of digital marketing has a direct impact on your online reputation. Our team will optimize your website with the best on-page and off-page, write website content and blogs that will engage your consumers, produce an interest in your company, and address any negativity (or positivity) out there. 

Would you also be surprised to know that content is still king when it comes to SEO? Your content is what tells both Google and your consumers what you are all about. Use that to your advantage!

Social Media Optimization and Marketing

Social media sites have evolved to become one of the most effective (if not the most effective for some) ways of enhancing an online presence and bringing in new business. 

Needless to say, but if your brand isn’t on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or whatever social media channel is applicable to you, you’re missing out. Whether you do or don’t have a social media presence, count on our social gurus to create or manage your social accounts, post content, and answer questions and/or reviews on every platform.

Review Monitoring

Going hand in hand with social media optimization and marketing, our team will monitor reviews across social media and review sites alerting you to both the positive and negative reviews that come your way. We can also help you respond (if you give us permission) and/or provide you with advice on how to respond.

In addition to all of these things, your reputation management campaign could even involve paid advertising or other traditional forms of advertising that you can learn about after you contact us. In the meantime, you can keep reading to find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we get regarding reputation management.

Frequently Asked Questions About Reputation Management

Unless you know for a fact that the negative review is completely fabricated, you should never delete a negative online review. While it might be a harsh reality check seeing that someone has something bad to say about you or your company, you need to take a breath and respond. Also, respond nicely. Responding nicely shows the person you care and that you are willing to acknowledge and rectify the situation. If you fix the problem, you might even find that the person redacted the review or followed up with a positive one.

Simply put, you can help maintain your or your brand’s online reputation by doing or delivering what you say you will. To err is human, so one of the easiest things you can also do is acknowledge mistakes. This is why responding to reviews ends up being so important.

Reputation management costs whatever it takes to get the results you want. After our specialists review your situation, they will craft a campaign cost specifically suited to your needs — we don’t have cookie-cutter prices. Instead, we feature customized programs and initiatives that will address your distinct needs.

As the saying goes, it’s a marathon, not a sprint. You should not expect your online reputation to get better overnight, and it can take several weeks — often months and even more than a year — to get an online reputation where it needs to be. In fact, how long it takes will depend on how soon you start managing it, how it’s managed, and if you can keep monitoring it consistently.

These days, whether or not a consumer chooses to move forward with a brand also depends on what it is doing to counteract COVID-19. This is especially true for gyms and restaurants. People will have no qualms about letting others know whether or not a company is following the CDC’s recommendations for businesses and employers on how to respond to coronavirus disease. Furthermore, aside from displaying what you are doing online, make sure your employees are doing it because whether or not the proper protocols are being followed is a hot topic for reviewers, according to recent research from Podium.

Reputation Management in 2021 and Moving Forward

While this article opened by mentioning that nothing has really changed in regard to reputation management, there are some key things we’d like to leave you with as we venture further into the new decade. 

  1. Evaluate Yourself or Your Business Model – Are you living up to your mission? Is your business up to snuff? Addressing things from the inside is something you can do to start improving or establishing your brand’s reputation.
  2. Generate or Take Charge of Your Digital FootprintCreate or get control of everything that’s in your or your company’s name. That includes not only your website URL but other website URLs you don’t want anyone else to have, plus social media and review site profiles. While people have power on the Internet, so do the brands they interact with.
  3. Remain Transparent – Don’t shy away from the negative, embrace the good, and let people know what you’re all about. Being transparent will always be important for any person or company as they continue to establish themselves in the online realm.
  4. Be Nice – While you can certainly defend yourself, keep in mind that how much empathy you show to your consumers, clients, etc., will always have a direct impact on how people see you and what they think

Last, but certainly not least…

Build or Maintain a Better Brand Image with the Help of Our Experts!

Well, you’ve finally made it to the end. We hope you learned that reputation management is still important going forward and that it can take a village. Not a literal village, but a tight-knit team of digital marketing professionals who know all there is about digital marketing. 

So, what did you find when you Googled your or your company’s name? Did you like what you found? If not or nothing at all, choosing our digital marketing agency in Philadelphia is the first step you need to take to either repairing, establishing, or nurturing your or your company’s image. Next, reach out to us for a FREE online visibility report, and one of our experts will be in touch with you immediately. It’s that simple — so contact us to start our deep dive into your online reputation!

About the Author:

Lora Novak is one of the Senior Content Editors and Writers at 1SEO and is also one of its most “senior” employees — about to hit her 10-year mark in May 2021. Outside of work, you can find her running around outside, at the gym, listening to an audiobook, or enjoying some takeout on the couch while watching one of her favorite TV shows.

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