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3 Of The Most Harmful eCommerce Website Design Mistakes

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We can’t try to solve all of the eCommerce website issues in one blog, or even in one lifetime, for that matter! Still, we can point out what we believe are 3 of the top website design mistakes made by the eCommerce industry, with the hopes of one day reducing and perhaps even eliminating them altogether – we can dream, can’t we?

Top 3 Web Design Mistakes for The eCommerce Industry


Brand & Image Cohesion

One of the most recognizable corporate entities in the world is Nike. Thirty years ago – an eternity by today’s digital marketing agency standards – they launched a very successful and now somewhat infamous TV commercial campaign featuring Andre Agassi, then just a young up-and-comer in the Tennis world. With the tagline “Image is Everything,” the message within coincides with the importance to every business of establishing and maintaining one cohesive brand and image. 

Every company wishes for its brand identity, and the images associated with that brand, to be as well-known as Nike’s. Most companies will never come close to achieving Nike’s level of success. Still, they all can take a few lessons away from Nike: Your company’s brand and image should be as uniform and cohesive as possible. This consistency aims to create one specific consumer vision for your brand and the products your company sells; and, therefore, for your company as a whole. 

Site Navigation Issues

There is a good reason that with the possible exception of the smallest of businesses, every B&M store has large informational signs in key locations throughout the store. These signs serve as in-store navigation tools, essential in optimizing the Customer Experience. 

Unfortunately, far too many eCommerce websites lack the same consideration for making their websites’ design navigation quick or easy for shoppers. If an online shopper finds your website hard to navigate, or the desired item challenging to locate, what will they do? They will likely discontinue using your site & company and opt for one of your competitors whose site is easy to navigate.

Check(out), Please?

Based on the sheer number of “big-box” retail establishments throughout the world, shoppers appreciate being able to get much of what they want to buy under the same roof. Proof of this is as simple as walking into your nearest Walmart or Costco. Observe the relaxed smiles on many shoppers’ faces as they make their way through these stores, pushing around overflowing shopping carts. 

However, those looks quickly turn into frowns when they make their way to the checkout aisles: With half of the registers unmanned, and checkout lines snaking their way back into the product aisles, we all have witnessed the occasional shopper getting frustrated to the point where some will abandon their carts and leave the store, having purchased nothing at all. 

Apply these lessons to an eCommerce website’s checkout process. Nobody likes having to wait in line. Can the shoppers complete their transactions quickly, efficiently, and without too much hassle? Can they use any number of payment methods with the same ease? If they can, good. But all too often, they can’t. If they can’t, do you think they will return to the “checkout nightmare” business site the next time, or find one that has what they want and makes checking out equally smooth? 

I’m sure glad I don’t have to shop here…

Spend some time browsing through your eCommerce website up to and including the checkout process, as if you were a prospective customer. Was your Customer Experience a positive one, or did it leave something to be desired? Chances are something was missing, and could be made better?

If you know something is amiss with your eCommerce website, but can’t quite put your finger on it or fix it on your own, perhaps you require experienced digital marketing experts with an unparalleled understanding of website design. If this describes you or your business, please don’t hesitate to contact us today for professional support. 

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