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10 Painless Ways Dentists Can Enhance Their Digital Presence

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The digital age is officially here. And let’s face it; if you’re a dentist, the competition is stiffer than ever. So if you’re still relying on patient referrals and advertisements in the local yellow pages to find new business, then your dentistry is going to be left behind.

It’s likely that your competition is using digital marketing to connect with new potential patients, so why aren’t you?

You need every edge you can get to stay afloat in this industry. Digital marketing can give you that advantage that will help you fight tooth and nail to grow your client base and overcome your competitors. Let’s see how you can increase your online visibility with the perfect digital campaign.

Get “Localized”

Use Local Ads

Using local ads, like Facebook Local Awareness Ads or search engine ads through
Google Ads (formerly known as AdWords), you can get the word out about your practice to people in your area. Think about it — if your dentistry is in PA, then you don’t want to show your ad to people in CA. These types of ads allow you to reach a local audience, particularly those who are searching for dentists. You can add a “click to call” button to streamline the experience, allowing them to call and book an appointment right from your ad, without ever having to visit your site.

Google Maps Ads

More than one billion people have the Google Maps app installed on their mobile device. Use promoted pins to make your business stand out and easier to find in a Google Maps search. This way, when someone near you searches for your services, your dentistry will show up in the results, along with the relevant information they may need.

Go By Word of Mouth

Create Compelling Content

Improve your SEO efforts with well-written web pages and blogs. This not only establishes and extends your online presence, but it also allows you to portray yourself as an authority in your field of expertise.

Curate Your Social Media Accounts

With engaging social media posts, you can build and maintain relationships with your patients, as well as provide valuable information. With consistent updates, posts, and comments, you can stay “front of mind” with your followers. Your social media presence can also showcase your personality and values to help attract new clients.

Let Your Patients Share Their Smiles

Get Positive Reviews and Ratings

Ask your patients for honest reviews. You can even incentivize them to contribute, which can bolster your online reputation. Additional, potential patients see ratings and reviews as a credible source, and will take them into account when choosing a dentistry.

Embrace Video Marketing

It’s estimated that by the year 2020, 80% of web traffic will be dedicated to videos, so stay ahead of the curve. With powerful and persuasive patient testimonials, you can convey not only information but also emotion through your videos. They also allow you to showcase new technology or procedures that may be interesting to viewers.

Cut Your Teeth On Digital Optimization

Get a Featured Snippet

When a user types a question into a search engine, many times, the answer will appear in a block above the search results, in what is known as a featured snippet. For instance, you may include a response to the question “What’s the best way to floss?” or something along those lines. In a concise statement, summarize the answer to the question.

Use Digital Appointment Reminders

Not only are they typically more affordable, but most dental patients actually prefer digital appointment reminders. This method will yield better results, preventing no-shows and last-minute cancellations, in turn, saving you money and lost productivity.

Brace Yourself for New Technology

Prepare for Voice Search

According to Google, 1 in 5 online searches are now conducted by voice. It’s predicted that by the year 2020, 50% of all searches will be voice-performed. To properly embrace this technology, you’ll need to have a mobile-friendly site and a contact page to accompany it. Additionally, you’ll need to design it to incorporate natural language into the search parameters.

Top Tier Website Design

Many times, your website is a patient’s first impression of you. As such, it needs to be good looking, organized, and easy-to-use. If it looks professional, then you will too. Don’t simply post information like your location, hours and a list of your services, which should obviously still be included. To create a truly effective site, incorporate valuable content that not only increases your search engine visibility, but also engages the user.

Shine Now

A strong digital marketing campaign does much more than increase your online presence. It can help you cut through the clutter of your competition and connect with potential patients. All this leads to more clients, more business, and more for your bottom line.

To explore how 1SEO can grow your dentistry’s patient base through a comprehensive digital marketing campaign using Google AdWords management, social media marketing, and email marketing services, call us today!

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