Customized PPC for Your Nonprofit

After working closely with our team of PPC specialists to identify and customize your nonprofit PPC strategies, we will be ready to implement them and begin growing your organization. During this management process, we continually monitor and maintain the campaign to make any necessary adjustments and improvements as new data becomes available.

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We use sophisticated tools to provide us with feedback on the effectiveness of your campaign, including:

Ad Copy Creations and A/B Testing
Keyword Research
Conversion Tracking
Custom Reporting
Call Analytics and Recordings
Competitor Analysis

Devoted and Detailed Correspondence

Any questions or concerns that you have will be addressed promptly, and our team will be in frequent contact to assess any issues that may arise. This open correspondence allows us to remain focused on your organization’s long-term goals while continuing to monitor our current strategies.

We share all information with you and your nonprofit organization. Any data or activity that we are monitoring will be fully accessible to you and your organization. This way, you can see your nonprofit thrive and grow in real-time. At 1SEO IT & Digital Marketing, we care about your mission and want you to see your SEO budget work hard for you.

1SEO IT & Digital Marketing features a dedicated staff of digital marketing experts to help grow your organization through PPC, SEO, and social media for your nonprofit. Call us or contact us online to learn more.