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Comprehensive IT Solutions For Your Nonprofit

1SEO IT & Digital Marketing boasts a highly-trained team of technicians who can ensure that not only does your organization’s site stay up and running, but that all of the devices on your network remain protected from malware, viruses, and cyber attacks.

We accomplish this by providing a flat rate, monthly service plan which can include:
Data Backup Solutions
Network Protection
Cloud Solutions
24/7 Network Monitoring

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Dependably Affordable IT Services

At 1SEO, we know that a fundamental goal of your NPO is reinvesting most of your donated money back into the communities you serve, so your IT support services need to be cost-effective and efficient. Our IT team will present customized solutions to fit your organization’s priorities and goals. We offer a flat monthly rate on our IT services, and there are no hidden costs, so your money can go where it belongs — to further your cause and objectives and to continue to boost your reach online with SEO for your nonprofit.

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Keep Your Nonprofit’s Data Safe

As a nonprofit organization, you most likely have significant donor information and data stored. If this data has not been properly stored and backed-up, your valuable and crucial donor information that you have toiled to collect over your organization’s lifespan is in danger of being lost forever.

This kind of disaster could cripple your NPO. Included in our flat rate for nonprofit IT services are our comprehensive backup solutions that can protect your organization’s data, and keep it operating efficiently.

Protect And Secure Your NPO’s Network

1SEO knows the value of the data you store. Our IT support team of technicians can offer protection from potential threats by implementing firewalls, antivirus software, and malware protection. And we always utilize sensitive data encryption and secured lines of communication to give you the confidence that your data remains safe and sound.

Don’t Get Lost In The Cloud

Whether your nonprofit is large or small, we offer cloud capabilities and integrated solutions to manage, monitor, and support cloud computing for your organization. We provide services that can handle storing your data and keep it secure.

We offer numerous cloud services such as:
Backup & Support
Server Support
Disaster Recovery

Safeguard Your Donors’ Private Information

Certain aspects of your donors’ personal information and other data may be of value to outside threats like viruses, hackers, and different types of cybercrime. Our IT team creates secure network infrastructures to provide protection from all those who may wish to harm your organization for financial gain or other purposes.

Always Keeping A Watchful Eye

Our IT specialists work to assure your nonprofit’s success by continually monitoring and updating your web security. These expert technicians are available for support and can provide quick responses to help you address and correct any network issues your nonprofit may discover.

Schedule a Free Network Assessment
1SEO offers reliable and highly-trained technicians who are dedicated to keeping your network operating safely and securely. For more information about our IT support services, digital marketing services like web design for your nonprofit, or to schedule a free network audit, contact us today.

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