Designed with Mobile in Mind

When you need to look up something quickly, do you sit down and boot up your computer, or do you pull out the handheld computer sitting in your pocket? Chances are, it’s the latter, and increasingly, more Americans are searching on their phones, especially if they need something quickly, like the emergency heating repairs that your company offers. That’s why our expert website designers will build a website that’s designed for all platforms, including desktop, mobile, and tablet. In fact, more than half of users would not recommend a business if they have a poorly designed mobile website. That’s a lot of business that you could be missing out on.

In addition to looking good no matter how you view it, your HVAC company’s website should also be responsive. That means that it shouldn’t take too long to load each page. Think about your own browsing habits on your phone. How long do you wait for a page to load before you give up and go back to the search results? Your customers will do the same if your site loads slowly.

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Get More Conversions

As we mentioned, customers searching for an HVAC company on their phones need answers quickly. Therefore, our web designers will make it as easy as possible for visitors to your website to find exactly what they’re looking for quickly. We’ll minimize scrolling by making your core services highly accessible at the top of the page. Not only will this help you get more phone calls and contact form completions from an organic standpoint, but it will also work to improve conversions for your HVAC company’s PPC campaign. We can also add other features, such as buttons for your HVAC company’s social media pages, or even functionality that allows your customers to book appointments right from your website.


Work with the Top Web Development Team

Bring your website up to speed with a responsive, custom design that will help bring in more customers. To get a free website evaluation, contact us today.