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Make Your Franchise Stand Out With SEO Strategies

When customers are trying to find a product or service they need, they usually turn right to an online search. If you’re an online customer as well, you know that you usually don’t go too far past the first page on search engines. That’s why it’s so important to get your name out there.

As a franchise, you’re one part of a much bigger organization, which means you need to succeed on your own in order for you and your overall company to thrive. Since you’re location-based, you should be drawing in a local crowd with creative digital marketing strategies.

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SEO Gets Your Company on the Map

1SEO I.T. Support & Digital Marketing is well-versed in using search engine optimization in order to get companies in just about any industry to start ranking higher in relevant search results. We begin by finding the most effective keywords to use in your content based on research and competitor analysis. After optimizing your pages with the most relevant keywords, we work to build high-quality links on a regular basis to help your website gain traction over time.

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To form long-term customer relationships, first, you need an introduction. The right digital marketing campaign can get your foot in the door.

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Researching, Targeting, and Succeeding

Our SEO specialists research the most beneficial keywords for your franchise, targeting the right areas to improve the visibility of your website. Eventually, as people search for your service, you’ll start appearing higher up in the search results for the terms you are targeting. Leveraging long-tail keywords, or phrases, is particularly important for helping your location stand out from the national company.

Captivating With Content

Your web content speaks volumes about your franchise. Through the content on your website, you can convey your message to your potential customers. By incorporating your targeted keywords within your content in a way that reads naturally, you are sending the right messages to both the search engines and your readers. Additionally, we will create content for you on an ongoing basis which incorporates your targeted terms, helping to build the relevancy for those pages on your website over time.

Managing Online Presence

Your listing on Google My Business, Yelp and other areas on the web should be accurate and consistent to ensure that potential customers can quickly and easily access key information like your address and phone number.

We also update the social media accounts for your franchise to ensure that everything is up-to-date and that you’re telling the same story on your website and your social accounts.

Getting Your Site Ready to Perform

By developing quality backlinks, our SEO experts can strengthen your franchise’s website performance and further increase your search engine visibility, getting you more customers.

Show local customers just what they’re searching for. To learn how else we use SEO to improve your franchise, or to learn how a PPC campaign can work for your franchise, call us at 215-946-1046.

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How to Maximize Your SEO Return on Investment

Not getting the results you were hoping for from your SEO campaign? We have the inside scoop on how to get the ROI you desire.