Digital Marketing and I.T. Support to Help Your Franchise Grow

As part of a franchise, your company reaches customers throughout the country (or even around the world) every day. However, the franchise location you own may not get enough attention in its given service area. But, by marketing the right way, more people in your city and state will find you, learn about you, and request your services.

At 1SEO I.T. Support & Digital Marketing, we handle each franchise individually and treat it as its own whole business — because it is. While we’re working to strengthen your franchise’s online presence, we will help your business stay protected with proven I.T. services.

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Make Yourself Known

When you partner with 1SEO, your franchise will remain protected while we work to increase your customer base through SEO, PPC, social media, and other marketing strategies. Regardless of your industry or company, your franchise can greatly benefit from the following:

SEO: Put a Pin in Your Franchise

By doing thorough research and competitor analysis, selecting keywords that pertain to your franchise and location, and optimizing your site, we can help you appear on the first page of search engines when customers are looking for a particular product or service. Franchises can benefit from SEO because it helps local customers learn more about your specific location and what you can offer them.

PPC: Get Clicks Where it Counts

With pay-per-click advertising, your ads can appear online when customers are browsing the web in your service area. Our PPC experts create ads for your franchise to help find your audience and get them to click, which will ultimately lead them to your site.

Social Media: Go Local

If your franchise doesn’t have its own social media pages, it’s time to get started. By establishing a social presence, you’re opening your franchise up to a brand new demographic.

Marketing for your franchise on social media gives you a chance to quickly get your message across with visuals and brief copy to capture the attention of local customers.

Web Design: Uniquely Brand Your Franchise

While your franchise may need to work within certain design guidelines, our web designers can give your franchise website a unique touch while keeping your franchisor’s color scheme, logos, and design in mind. Establishing the right design and format for your website will not only draw new customers in, but also make it easier for them to browse and find what they need.

Give Your Franchise a Name of Its Own

With the right help, your franchise can expand to see great success and improvement within your service area. Digital marketing will put you an edge above the rest to ensure that your location and company succeed. To see what we can do for your franchise, call 1SEO today at 215-946-1046.