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In some ways, your website is your best employee — it’s up 24/7 to help you advertise your chiropractic office. That’s why it’s essential that your website is sending your visitors the right message about your practice.

You need a website that helps give your patients the information that they need as quickly as possible so that they will want to call you to schedule an appointment. Our team of award-winning web designers knows how to create websites that convert, and they can update your website or create a new one that will help bring in more patients.

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First Impressions Matter

For many people, your website may very well be a key deciding factor in whether or not they decide to choose you for chiropractic services. A clean design that clearly outlines your major services and makes it easy to learn about your practice will give visitors a positive impression about your business. Incorporating pictures of your office and your staff also helps you showcase your assets and establish a sense of trust.

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Improve Your Chiropractic Site’s SEO Performance

Although it might not be the first factor that comes to mind for your chiropractic SEO, your website is an essential piece of the ranking puzzle. In order to be fully optimized, you need to be able to update certain aspects of your website, such as the meta descriptions and title tags with appropriate information. For this reason, we build sites for chiropractors on WordPress. In addition to being able to optimize all of the necessary fields, this popular CMS also makes it easy to update content, even if you don’t have web design experience. Our team will be happy to walk you through how to make minor updates to your site as needed.

Put Your Best Foot Forward on Mobile

Every day, more people are using their phones to search for something rather than their desktops. Since at least half of your potential patients might be searching for a chiropractor on a mobile device, it is essential that we optimize your website for a better mobile experience. This means that the layout of the site is easy to use and read on a smaller screen.

Loading time is equally important. Today, people expect everything instantly, and if your chiropractor website takes more than a few seconds to load, then they are likely to hit the back button. We minimize loading time by building responsive websites that load quickly, even when users are working with a 3G connection.

The Functionality Your Chiro Website Needs

Your website’s primary purpose is to bring in more leads so that you can get more patients to your chiropractic office. In order to do that efficiently, the most important information needs to be easily visible to minimize scrolling so that patients can contact you quickly. In addition to improving the user’s experience, this also helps with your chiropractor PPC campaign, allowing you to maximize your conversions such as form completions and phone calls.

Whatever features you may need, our team of expert web developers can add to your site, including contact forms, appointment scheduling, and buttons for your chiropractic social media pages.

Make Your Chiropractic Site the Best It Can Be

Your chiropractic website can make or break the rest of your marketing efforts online. Make sure that your site is working for you. Get a free website evaluation when you contact us today.