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Realize Your Business’ Full Potential With Managed I.T. Services for Your Biotech and Pharmaceuticals

Biotech and pharmaceutical companies depend on their technology for success. Because research and development are so crucial to these businesses, they require the most advanced data storage and protection services available. Most of all, they need I.T. services that can adapt to their unique and complex systems. Our experienced I.T. specialists possess the expertise and flexibility necessary to assist with complex system integrations, maintain compliance, and install secure, lightning-fast networks. On top of that, we will back up your workstations and servers, implement cloud solutions, and perform anything else necessary to ensure that your company is operating at its highest potential.

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I.T. Solutions for Every Problem

With 1SEO, you will receive a flat monthly rate that encompasses all of our managed I.T. services. We serve as a one-stop source for any I.T. support that a biotech or pharmaceutical company could need.

  • Data Backup Solutions
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Network Protection
  • Cybersecurity

The services we provide can be completely tailored to your company’s unique needs. Our primary goals are your safety and satisfaction.e

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Biopharmaceutical Tech Support

With the right quality and security measures, we prepared this client for success in all of their future initiatives.

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Backup Crucial Lab Data

Your data from experimental research and development is one of your most valuable assets. Securing this data is essential to your success and growth. Loss or theft of this asset could jeopardize your entire company. With our advanced backup solutions, you can be confident that you have a safety net in place.

Protect Your Research

When it comes to information technology, preventative measures go a long way. To avoid incidents that may endanger your network, our skilled team can implement firewalls, malware protection, and the latest antivirus software. From 24/7 network monitoring to the encryption of sensitive data, we will take every measure necessary to secure your lines of communication.

Safeguard Your Patient Data

With our managed I.T. services, you can be confident that your crucial patient information is protected. Under HIPAA regulations, your patients’ personal data must be safeguarded or you’ll not only face stiff penalties, but massive fines as well. Our team has the industry experience necessary to allow you to rest assured that this critical information is safe, secure, and free from vulnerabilities.

Cutting-Edge Storage Solutions

From small pharmaceutical labs to international biotech corporations, every biotech and pharmaceutical company can benefit from cloud storage solutions. With our cloud management services, you can synchronize and store important experiment and research data, freeing your business operations from the constraints of a physical location. Our biotech cloud solutions also provide your information with yet another line of defense, enabling disaster recovery processes.

Defend Your Digital Assets

The biotech and pharmaceutical industries grow more and more competitive every day. To safeguard your company’s operations, you need to protect your data from external threats. With strong network infrastructure implemented by our I.T. specialists, your digital assets will be safe from hackers, viruses, and other hazards.

Contact Our I.T. Experts

To schedule a free, one-hour consultation to learn more about our managed I.T. services, contact us today! Don’t merely react to issues and problems with your company’s I.T. Get peace of mind with proactive protection. Call us at 215-710-1665 or contact us online to reach a representative.

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