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Video Killed the Media Star: Is Your Business Keeping Up With the Times?

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There isn’t a person out there who hasn’t seen either a feature-length movie or short film that left you feeling inspired in one direction. After watching a great one, who hasn’t said to themselves (or out loud), “I wish I had thought of making that!” Conversely, after finishing a disappointing or even downright terrible one, how many of you have thought or said, “I could’ve done so much better!” While this may sound all-too-familiar to some, for most, the dreams of being an award-winning Director or Cinematographer get quickly derailed by the realities of daily life, or worse, dispatched as folly, for being too “time-consuming,” or “complicated,” or “costly to produce.” Best to leave the making of movies to the professionals; yes?

That mindset primarily belongs to people born before the 1980’s – like many reading this piece, we suspect – but Flash-forward to the 21st year of the 21st Century, a.k.a. “2020.” Those excuses are now outdated, thanks mainly to the proliferation of smartphones within our society – each one already possessing built-in high-quality video cameras and video editing software. This advancement in technology has given everyone the ability to record & edit fresh video content in mere seconds. Furthermore, there are a slew of online platforms – from Facebook & Instagram to Snapchat & TikTok, naming just a few of the more popular options – available for you to publish & distribute these videos within a few minutes (WiFi connection strength often being the key to speed). Best of all, anyone can do this for little more than the phone itself’s purchase price!

With all of this ease & speed in mind, the burden of making business-related videos for distribution within your business’s Social Media channels & Web pages no longer exists. Yet, an overwhelming majority of companies are still not taking advantage of the technology literally within their hands! Nevertheless, if these words have instilled confidence in your abilities to self-make video content, and inspired some of you to see what you can do right away, please take heed before proceeding, and bear a few items in mind:

D.I.Y. vs. Professional Video Production

Shooting video content at a child’s birthday party is one thing, whereas making videos for your business is entirely another thing. Costs aside, if you wish to make “commercial-quality” videos, you may still want to consider hiring professional Video Production Services to make this for you. It can take some considerable experience to script, shoot & edit the raw footage into a final product worthy of showing to the public, or better yet, to help you gain new customers and grow your business.

Scripting Your Video

It is safe to assume that you would want to “tell a story” with this video content; a story that focuses on specific highlights about your business to help you grab the attention of your desired audience (be they new or repeat customers) and keep their attention until your intended message is clearly delivered & understood.

Call To Action

Following along the lines of making assumptions, would it be reasonable to assume that your intended message is something along the lines of “please use my business and/or buy my products?” That is known as your “Call To Action,” and if you don’t tell people clearly what you want them to do – be it directly or indirectly – you will be foolhardy to assume that they will know or figure out what to do on their own, and; all of your time & investment into this undertaking will go for naught.

Now that you are up-to-speed on the basic pros and cons of the video side of Content Marketing, we trust that you are giving new thought to just what a difference video content for your business can make. Whether you want first to see what you can do without the assistance of professionals or decide to own up to your limitations and hire an actual Video Production Service is up to you. Either way, do not downplay the potential impact that video content can have on your business growth.

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