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Bill Rossell

As the Chief Sales Officer at 1seo.com, Bill oversees all of the pre- and post-sale relations with our clients. His focus has been on making sure the 1seo.com Sales teams are setting the proper expectations for our clients to help them achieve their goals in winning online. He also leads the Client Relations Managers, who provide the direct communication with our clients, to ensure our clients see returns on investment for the customized online marketing solutions that 1seo.com provides.

Bill previously led numerous Sales and Marketing teams as the Regional Vice President of Sales with YP.com and the Director of Online Marketing for North America with 1&1 Internet. He has passion for leading people and helping them to develop both personally and professionally.

Bill believes that every time we interact with a client is a “Moment of Truth” that will set us apart from our competition by continuing with best in class customer service. The foundation for his professional success comes from the time he spent proudly serving in the US Navy onboard nuclear powered submarines.

In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his wife, Sosa, and his children.

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