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Don't Let Bad Links Hurt Your Website's SEO

Backlinks are links to your site from other parts of the web. If your backlinks are unnatural or spammy, or if they come from low-quality sites, your backlink profile is likely hurting your performance in the search results.

Whether you were hit with a Google manual penalty or you want to take preventative measures to avoid one, we can help! Don’t be fooled by articles that claim that bad links can be removed in “five simple steps.” Removing backlinks and repairing your backlink profile is a tedious, painstaking process that’s sure to slow your productivity … unless you hire a professional SEO agency like us to do the heavy lifting for you.

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Julie Potts
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Working with 1SEO has been an incredible experience thus far. They are truly a fresh of breath air! Very attentive, innovative, brilliant and the results have been incredible. We couldn't recommend them enough!
Keith Baldwin
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How many companies have been with their digital marketing company for over 10 YEARS??? We have! They know what they are doing, they continually improve to keep us up to date and relevant and they care about making us successful.
Tami Fox
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Hands down the best marketing firm around! The entire dynamic team at 1SEO helped us achieve our marketing goals by increasing our website traffic and targeting quality business leads.
Matthew Padlo
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I need great people. I’m getting too much lead generation thanks to 1SEO, that I need more A players. Can’t recommend them enough. My new website is OPTIMAL as well thanks to their staff! 5 stars all around.
Nunzio Merla
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Very responsive and informative. The employees are always there to assist immediately. I don't recall a time where a concern I had wasnt responded to in under a half hour.

Repairing Your Backlink Profile

In conjunction with our award-winning SEO services, we can identify and remove harmful backlinks and help correct other issues plaguing your website’s search performance to help succeed online.

When you partner with 1SEO Digital Agency, we’ll perform a website audit and analysis to determine the quality of your backlink profile and assess any penalties Google has issued to your website.

We’ll locate the backlinks to your site and identify which are worth keeping and which should be removed. We’ll then deliver the solution, which in many cases is where we contact the webmasters requesting a prompt removal, or disavow, of the bad link.

Moving forward, we continuously monitor the quality of your link profile and help to improve it by performing proven link building techniques to increase the high-quality links to your site while we remove the low-quality ones.

What Is a "Bad Link"?

Bad links can come from websites unrelated to your business or ones that have been deemed untrustworthy by Google. In the past, Google only considered the quantity of backlinks, not the quality, which led businesses to buy any and all backlinks they could to improve rankings.

Google noticed this and made the switch to promote websites with quality backlinks and penalize those with backlinks from sites with little or unoriginal content, low domain authority, or irrelevance to your industry. If your site is underperforming in the search results, your backlink profile could be the culprit.

Monitoring Incoming Backlinks

After we help to remove the poor-quality backlinks, we’ll continue to monitor incoming backlinks to ensure your site maintains peak performance in the search results. We’ll routinely check for fluctuations in your website’s performance for signs of new and harmful backlinks and vet new links to your site for quality. Our team will file disavows as needed to keep your site in good standing with Google.

Start Performing in Search Results

The team at 1SEO Digital Agency is dedicated to improving your rankings in the search results. It’s what originally put us on the map in 2009, and we’ve grown to offer a full suite of digital marketing services. We want to help your business be the best it can be, and removing harmful links and penalties is a critical first step. Call us today to discuss how we can improve your backlink profile and get you to show up in more search results.