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No matter what type of services or products you offer to your customers, you want to grow both your business and your bottom line by adding new patrons to your customer base. But you can’t achieve this if your competitors are outperforming you on search engine result pages. That’s when you need Google Ads management from an experienced team of professionals.

1SEO Digital Agency is a proud Google Premier Partner, which means that we not only have a proven mastery of pay-per-click services, but we can use our relationship with Google to quickly settle issues and solve account problems — all with priority service. This means no long waits in queues for resolutions to any difficulties you may experience.

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Client Testimonials
Julie Potts
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Working with 1SEO has been an incredible experience thus far. They are truly a fresh of breath air! Very attentive, innovative, brilliant and the results have been incredible. We couldn't recommend them enough!
Keith Baldwin
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How many companies have been with their digital marketing company for over 10 YEARS??? We have! They know what they are doing, they continually improve to keep us up to date and relevant and they care about making us successful.
Tami Fox
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Hands down the best marketing firm around! The entire dynamic team at 1SEO helped us achieve our marketing goals by increasing our website traffic and targeting quality business leads.
Matthew Padlo
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I need great people. I’m getting too much lead generation thanks to 1SEO, that I need more A players. Can’t recommend them enough. My new website is OPTIMAL as well thanks to their staff! 5 stars all around.
Nunzio Merla
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Very responsive and informative. The employees are always there to assist immediately. I don't recall a time where a concern I had wasnt responded to in under a half hour.

Google Ads Campaigns for Your Business

As a premier pay-per-click advertising agency, we use your individual business goals to customize a strategy specifically for your plan, your industry, and your area. We align our efforts with your business and financial objectives, building an effective and results-driven Google Ads campaign to generate a substantial return on investment for your company.

What is Google Ads?

In simple terms, Google Ads is a paid advertising service that can help you reach customers already searching for your services or your products. Through Google Ads, you can pay to have your pages show above search results in the ads section. As the name “pay per click” implies, you pay only when a user clicks your link and visits your website, with the price based on the estimated value of a single visitor. There are many factors to determine pricing and placement, and our PPC team is experienced and diligent in getting real customers to your site for the best possible price.

PPC Results You Can See

Okay, so we talk a big game. However, we can back it up by placing your business above the clutter and noise of your online competition. How? Through a calculated campaign, continual monitoring, and constant adjusting, we can create the perfect strategies for reaching your target audience.

Using Google Ads, we carefully select the terms and locations that we know people are using when searching online. This allows us to target them directly, so your company comes up before your competitors. All of this is done to increase the likelihood that they will choose you over your competition. And since we are targeting people already looking for your services, these become meaningful leads for new customers and repeat business for your company.

At 1SEO, we feature a specialized team of Google Ads experts who understand that your business is your lifeline. They’ll work tirelessly to identify the goals you have for your business and for your Google Ads campaign. Not only will they shape these strategies around your individual goals, but they continually monitor the campaign’s progress throughout its life, providing status reports to show you tangible and measurable results.

While our PPC team monitors your Google Ads account, they look for opportunities to improve your ROI and draw more customers to your business through paid search. This includes taking a proactive approach, anticipating your customers’ online behavior using actionable data gathered over the life of the campaign.

For instance, let’s say you’re a landscaper, and we’re anticipating a big storm in your area. We can quickly adjust your search ad to include terms like “storm cleanup landscaping services,” to capitalize on potential customers searching for post-storm cleanup. Google Ads provides unique marketing opportunities to companies who go the extra mile in their marketing efforts.

A Host of Google Ads Services

Google Ads features a variety of services, all of which are aimed at placing your company in front of potential customers who have already shown interest in your products and services. Each aspect can uniquely benefit your business by bringing more customers through your doors or onto your website.

Keyword Research and Selection

We extensively research the most common search terms for your industry and location, and include them in your ads to improve your visibility when people are searching for those terms online.

Combining core industry terms with the location of your business makes it even more likely that you’ll attract local residents looking for your services. Our thorough keyword research also includes a competitor analysis to identify which keywords your rivals are using and gives our team a significant advantage when selecting yours.

Ad Text Creation

Using your carefully selected keywords, we will create an effective and memorable ad that best represents your brand, services, or products. We keep your ads current, specific, and localized — giving you the best possible chance for turning website visitors into loyal customers.

Call Tracking

The idea behind call tracking services is simple: it’s a way that Google Ads allows you to see how many prospective customers called your business after seeing or clicking on one of your online ads. This is yet another tool for our PPC experts and you to assess the performance of your campaign and make adjustments to it if necessary.

PPC Budgeting and Tracking

By closely monitoring your progress, we can see what kind of return on investment you’re getting through your campaign efforts and make adjustments to stay within your desired budget.

Conversion Tracking

With conversion tracking, we can see not only how many people are clicking on your site, but how many people are actually buying your products, paying for your services, or submitting contact forms. From there, our team can identify which areas of your campaign are working well and which need more attention, giving us a better outlook on the overall performance of your paid strategy.

Remarketing Ads

Have you ever visited a website, then later seen an ad for that business on another website? These are called remarketing ads and they’re known broadly as “the ads that follow you around.” They’re ideal for establishing brand awareness, because they allow you to remain top-of-mind for customers who have previously visited your site — even as they continue to search the web.

We know that you’re busy keeping your customers happy. You’re the expert at what you do, and we’re the experts at what we do — so leave the digital marketing to us. Our Google Ads agency specialists can create a campaign customized just for your business. So, what are you waiting for?