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Shore Summer Rentals

Client’s Background is an online platform that brings vacation owners and renters/tenants together. For the past 13 years, this company has made it their mission to give as much control of the property booking process as possible to owners. Their website allows owners to advertise rental properties, generate leads, and secure the most rental income possible. In turn, tenants can also benefit from the website by using numerous filters and settings to find a property that best suits their needs.


Client’s Online Pain

Although had recently revamped their website, they realized that there was still room for improvement. To their benefit, one of their strongest competitors recently introduced booking fees to their services. Since prides themselves on the lack of extra fees, they came to 1SEO in the hopes of leveraging and promoting that distinguishing feature.

In order to do this, organic traffic had to be increased, their PPC campaign had to be optimized, and effective emails had to be generated to reach owners looking to rent out their properties in shore areas. It was our responsibility to primarily target these property owners since they are our client’s main source of revenue. While doing this, we were still left with the task of attracting potential tenants to properties. Digital Agency’s Strategy

Our strategy was to launch a full-scale reformation of’s digital marketing practices by drawing resources from our SEO, PPC, Content, and Social Media teams. All of our efforts focused on producing more traffic and boosting the amount of inquiries for shore house rentals.

Here are the steps we took to boost website visits, inquiries, and revenue:

Phase 1: Casting Our Net

Targeting the Audience: The real work began after we established the company’s target audience. The SEO and PPC teams, with feedback from the client, identified integral keywords and phrases that would draw in the desired customers.

Optimizing: Since the company faced issues with site performance, we laid the groundwork for page optimizations throughout the site that would improve the user experience and be more appealing to search engines.

Getting Social: The Content and Social Media teams collaborated to determine what kind of posts and publications would attract potential new customers. We created accounts for appropriate social networks while conducting research on the business and marketing practices/strategies of competitors.

Phase 2: Pulling Them In

Mending and Marketing: After the SEO team diagnosed problem areas in the site that harmed the user experience, we mended those deficiencies. We also employed optimal marketing techniques for configuring site navigation and layout. Throughout the whole process, the team analyzed and studied keyword performance, adjusting them over time.

Prioritizing Geography: Our PPC team took on the task of pinpointing specific geographic locations. By doing so, we had to keep in mind that the Jersey Shore, the primary location of all rentals on the site, attracts vacationers from the Philadelphia area to New York City.

Narrowing Demographics: The PPC team also decided to narrow the demographic focus, taking into account’s main source of revenue: property owners.

Setting Them Apart: After researching the industry and our client’s closest competitors, our Content and Social Media teams made it a goal to highlight the strengths of that set them apart. In content and posts, we emphasized the company’s locally-owned and personalized charm. We also expanded the company’s online presence as we published content on their website, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

Phase 3: Maintaining Our Reach

Serving as a Constant Resource: Throughout’s digital marketing makeover, we provided resources to them that concerned the best practices for website performance and search engine optimization. As the seasons change, our teams continue to study and fine-tune the keywords and PPC strategies we employ. As website and PPC maintenance stabilized, content marketing has become even more integral to support our client’s online presence.



Our efforts produced staggering results with exponential improvements.

  • Goal conversion rate and goal completions essentially doubled, improving over 183.7% and 218.64% from the previous year, respectively.
  • Organic traffic increased by 16.56%. Our methods ultimately drove a greater number of sessions while decreasing the bounce rate.


Moral of the Story

Collaborating is key to a successful campaign. With multiple teams working together toward the ultimate goal of enhancing the user experience by viewing things from their perspective, it’s possible to draw in a new and committed audience.

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