How Digital Agency increased Purple Wishing Gate’s Facebook brand awareness and put the sincerity back in sales posts

Purple Wishing Gate

Client’s Background

Purple Wishing Gate is an ecommerce business that sells keepsakes in the form of blessings to bring light and serenity into the lives of others. The business was started after the owner’s 12-year-old daughter passed away from cancer. The idea for the business came to her in a dream: her daughter standing at a purple gate, her favorite color, and delivering people’s wishes to the great beyond.

Purple Wishing Gate’s intention is to give people hope in times of need, spread love from one’s hands to another’s, inspire, and protect no matter the occasion. With each item sold, 10% of all proceeds are donated to children with cancer. Purple Wishing Gate has gifts for any milestone or mundanity in someone’s life, from the loss of a loved one or pet to a sharing of friendship.  


Client’s Online Pain

Despite having a strong story, Purple Wishing Gate was one of many others who were trying to make a difference, but not enough people were aware of their efforts from a social media standpoint. Without awareness, it was a struggle to get sales; however, once people became aware of them, it opened the door for sharing, likes, and traffic to their website. For Purple Wishing Gate, awareness was all they needed to garner conversions.

They also wanted to create posts that reached out to people who were overcoming or enjoying one of life’s many milestones via inspiration to guide them through the hard times or excitement to always remember the good.

Purple Wishing Gate’s original posts were only reaching 82 people out of their 1,500+ followers on Facebook. They wanted someone to take the helm and deliver their message loud and clear in order to give hope, love, inspiration, and much more. Digital Agency’s Strategy

Starting in just June 2017, our strategy was centered around the Facebook objective of brand awareness. To increase their post’s reach, we utilized both holidays and creative imagery and text. It was important to not only captivate with stunning pictures, but to also use poetic wording that melded with Purple Wishing Gate’s overall message.

Escaping the sales pitch in posts and the frequency of call to action buttons, Purple Wishing Gate’s posts would then be able to take on a more human and genuine approach. The feeling users would get from their posts would translate also to their conversions, making their campaign real, connected, and whole.

Since Purple Wishing Gate’s products go beyond monetary value, the idea of producing sales posts did not match up to their overall message. Our strategy went beyond just achieving forced conversions online, and instead ventured into a respected brand awareness that provided sales based on their story.  

Along with the creative and genuine tone, it was also our goal to build out a successful audience using:

  • Age demographics
  • Interests
  • Behaviors
  • Industries
  • Life events

This audience utilized all spectrums of Purple Wishing Gate’s industry so as to appeal to the maximum number of people. The audience touched aspects of every product for every occasion, reaching out to all corners of Facebook’s digital realm.

Sponsored posts went out for $25 each, catered to those who were not already followers of their Facebook page, (therefore, able to reach people outside of their current scope). This audience was intended to spread brand awareness while also potentially drawing website traffic.



Our client went from 82 people reached to 9,700 in just two months. This kind of visibility jump can only be accredited to a high-caliber brand awareness-focused social media strategy.

9,700 people reached: 245 Organic, 9,455 Paid (as depicted by light orange and dark orange)


Moral of the Story

Even in a very short amount of time, businesses can start achieving results with the right campaign, creativity, and imagery to meet their objective. With social media alone, Purple Wishing Gate is seeing more genuine conversions for the products that are being focused on in their posts, spurring even more importance for their social media brand awareness overall.

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