How 1SEO & Lightspeed Trading Focused on the User Experience to Increase Online Authority

Lightspeed Trading

Client’s Background

Lightspeed Trading is an award-winning subsidiary of Professional Trading Solutions, Inc. This client is also a FINRA and NFA member and a fully-disclosed introducing broker-dealer based in New York and Chicago. Lightspeed Trading offers securities, provides direct access brokerage, trading, and advanced order routing services to their clientele with their industry-leading catalog of stock and options trading software — chiefly by way of Lightspeed Trader, their flagship online trading platform.

Despite their prominence among traders, and even though they are an online operation, Lightspeed was having trouble getting qualified website visitors to try out their products.

Client’s Online Pain

Lightspeed Trading came to 1SEO primarily for one reason: increase online conversions. For them, that means generating more leads by inspiring more traders to sign up for a free demo of their award-winning software. Digital Agency’s Strategy

1SEO is a firm believer in the effectiveness of a well-rounded digital marketing strategy. In fact, our most successful clients are those whose campaigns incorporate SEO best practices, website design, content and social media marketing, and PPC. Furthermore, we use performance and hard data to guide our decision making at the outset of virtually every new campaign — especially for clients who have experience in digital marketing.

In the case of Lightspeed Trading, we focused the bulk of our efforts in five areas:

Make it Easy for The End User

Sometimes, the slightest tweak can make the most significant difference; such was the case for this client. What do we mean? Simply put, in order to get people to sign up for anything online, the first thing to do is make the form you need them to fill out visible and easily accessible. So, we changed the layout of Lightspeed Trading’s homepage to emphasize the demo request form. Immediately after, we saw an uptick in conversions (more on that later).

Ensure Data is Accurate

  • Our PPC experts immediately noticed that the client’s conversion data didn’t make much sense. Upon further investigation, they traced the source of this to inaccurate reporting that was being generated according to parameters that were implemented by Lightspeed’s previous digital marketing manager(s). Specifically, Lightspeed Trading’s former paid search managers implemented a conversion tracking code across several of the site’s pages where it did not belong.
  • Then, our team set out to correct the conversion tracking errors to gain accurate insight into Lightspeed Trading’s performance. Doing so showed us that their cost per conversion was exceptionally high when compared to the actual number of conversions they achieved.
  • The kind of people who put their resources into an online trading platform to manage their stock and options portfolios are the kind of people who thoroughly scrutinize the best platforms available to them before doing so. Any digital marketer who is worth anything would be able to tell you that after analyzing Lightspeed Trading’s industry. However, if you have a lack of experience in online financial marketing working hand-in-hand with incorrect reporting data, you wouldn’t know that lowering Lightspeed’s AdWords bids was the best way to accommodate those searchers and expand your reach. How? By investing the resources you save into other (or more) paid ads, ultimately generating more conversions.

Introduce New Queries

  • Normally, introducing new queries is an easy-to-plan-for part of a digital marketing campaign. However, for Lightspeed Trading, a significant challenge presented itself because their site ranked for 8,000 keywords. Our challenge was to pivot off of that groundwork and build without compromising the success the site already had.
  • We set out to achieve this by first performing “deep” keyword research to identify opportunities the client was missing out on.
    Then, we proceeded by carefully restructuring their on-page content, adding pages when necessary.
  • Then, our SEO and Content teams worked together to build links to those terms and pages on a monthly basis.

Use Videos to Their Fullest Potential

  • Lightspeed Trading regularly posts videos to their YouTube channel. The content there ranges from recordings of their monthly webinars to How-To videos by the experts they employ. However, the YouTube page itself, as well as the videos found there, were not optimized.
  • Our Content team stepped in and fixed this oversight.

Focus on Mobile

With this client — especially given the nature of online trading and its always-on-the-go universe — we saw an opportunity to capitalize on mobile traffic. Here’s how we planned to do so:

  • Create new ad groups targeting the mobile user
  • Increase click-through-rate with expanded text ads
  • Align bidding strategy with specific age ranges


By catering to the end user, basing our decisions on accurate data, thoughtfully optimizing this already-successful website, and leveraging the potential in videos and on mobile devices, 1SEO was able to meet and exceed Lightspeed Trading’s expectations.

Organic traffic is up significantly

  • Organic increased by a total of 28%
  • Google organic traffic increased by 30%
  • Bing organic traffic increased by 19%
  • Keywords are up by a total of 568 spots

Videos are contributing to both brand awareness and lead generation

  • Over 650,000 YouTube views
  • Leads from video webinars spiked by nearly 300%


  • Mobile conversions are up by a total of 178%, going from 49 to 136
  • Mobile cost-per-conversion decreased by 48%, from $48.52 down to $25.34
  • Mobile conversion rate is 21%
  • Nearly 20,500 mobile impressions, a 222% increase

Demo requests (conversions) increased by 35%
At the outset of their campaign, Lightspeed Trading wanted to increase their total number of conversions. They came to the right place, because we were able to do so by a great margin in just one quarter.

Moral of the Story

  1. Experience is key: Use yours to optimize theirs
  2. Make sure your numbers are accurate
  3. Take advantage of every opportunity available on every channel and on every platform

Plenty of other clients who operate in finance have seen success with us.

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