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Our PPC team has unrivaled knowledge and resources to ensure you get top-of-the-line service and campaign management.

As one of the top 1% of Premier Google Partners, we use the most advanced PPC tools and have direct access to Google representatives.

We tackle PPC challenges with thorough research, sophisticated monitoring, and daily adjustments to improve your campaign’s effectiveness and ROI.

Professional Philadelphia PPC Services Since 2009

1SEO Digital Agency started just outside Philadelphia in 2009. A two-person startup has grown into a dedicated, expert team of 100+ digital marketing pros. Talk to us about PCC advertising for your Philadelphia company and the many other ways we can improve your marketing online.

So Many Ways for Philadelphia Companies to Win With PPC

Our PPC pros will customize a PPC campaign that works for you, your budget, and your business.

PPC Case Study
See How We Leveraged Google’s AI to Help a Local Plumbing Company
  • 251% increase in conversions
  • 35% decrease in cost per conversion

What Does Being a Premier Google Partner mean?

Our PPC team is certified by Google, and we have direct access to Google representatives. We earned this distinction by consistently getting our clients positive ROI through Google PPC campaigns, and our team members have passed Google’s accreditation tests.

How Much Do Your Philadelphia PPC Services Cost?

It all depends on your PPC strategy and ad spend. PPC pricing varies by keyword volume, competition, and a user’s intent. We will talk you through choosing campaign strategies.

Do I Need to Sign a Contract for PPC Services?

No. Our no long-term agreements approach means you only pay for services when you want to. We want to ensure our clients are comfortable and confident working with us. You can cancel, pause, increase your budget, or decrease your budget any time.

How Long Does PPC Take to Impact My Business?

PPC is fast. Once we choose keywords to target, write ad copy, and create a landing page, results can be seen almost immediately. But PPC campaigns also improve with time. Our team examines your campaign’s performance and makes adjustments frequently, getting you the best possible ROI.

Is Philadelphia PPC Competitive for Local Businesses?

Yes, Philadelphia businesses are very active in PPC. The state of Pennsylvania has 6% higher PPC prices than the national average, indicating somewhat high competition from local businesses and high engagement from consumers. Pricing and competition varies widely by industry and precise location.