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Google Partner Giveaway Contest

How confident are you in your company's digital marketing program? EXTENDED!

Perhaps you could use a Google Partners electric scooter, bike, or cornhole set around the office.

Let 1SEO instantly audit your digital marketing program for a chance to win these awesome prizes from Google!

Best Overall Marketing Program – Wins a Google Partners Electric Scooter and a trip to Google’s NYC campus

Worst Overall Marketing Program – Wins a Google Bike, a trip to Google’s NYC campus, and 6 months of FREE digital marketing!

Best PPC Advertising Program – Wins Google Partners Cornhole


Contest winners will be announced in July! 


Contest Disclaimer: 1SEO’s Google Partner Giveaway Contest is open to all companies who are not currently contracted as clients of 1SEO Digital Agency. 6 Months of free digital marketing does not include ad spend. Businesses’ that enter must be spending a minimum of $1,500 monthly in digital marketing. All entries are subject to final approval of entry qualifications by 1SEO.