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How Google Local Services Works

Google Local Services gives you the ability to advertise your roofing business on Google and receive leads directly from potential customers via phone calls.

Local Services advertisers receive premium promotion, a Google Shield Google Guaranteed Badge, and even a profile page with authentic customer reviews, all of which help local businesses and roofers like yourself build a stellar online reputation.

Google Guarantee

Google guaranteed providers are always pre-screened and must meet certain licensing and insurance requirements. Whenever you book an eligible Google Local Services provider, your business will be protected by that Google guarantee.

You can recognize eligible pros from the Google Shield symbol near their name and located on their business’s profile page.

How Much Do Google Local Services Ads Cost?

With Google Local Services, you only pay for business or service-related leads. It works like this:

First, you fix a weekly budget to put a limit on the total number of leads you will receive in a given week. The amount of leads you get will change from one day to the next, but even so, you’ll never spend more than the weekly budget you set at the beginning.

Further, you can always dispute leads that you believe are invalid.

Advertisers using Google Local Services are charged for each lead received, and lead prices are fixed according to the city, so there will always be a flat charge.

With Google Local Services, you’ll never pay more for leads than the number you have set down in your weekly budget.

What Are Valid Leads?

A valid lead is one related to products or services that you provide. Valid leads normally follow the situation detailed below when customers find your Google Local Services ad through Google:

You answer a phone call, you speak with a caller about a product or service you provide, within the geographic market you are targeting, during your open business hours, and the call lasts for over half a minute.

Likewise, if you miss a phone call from a customer and return the call later on.