understanding the importance of quality website photography

A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words

For Matthew Rathgeb Painting, it was important for his business to stand out amongst the crowd of home service businesses, so we photographed Matt and his team of painters on location to showcase their talent and to add a personal touch to their website photography.

In the case of Three Monkeys Cafe, and for almost all restaurants, perhaps the most powerful and effective tool available to them is photography. We photographed their entire menu, from burgers to brunch specials, and even included photos of menu items with recommended beer pairings to help compel guests to order up.

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For Zushi, a significant part of launching their business was photography for every single item offered on their menu. Not only were these images used in the menu, but they were added to the point of sale (POS) system where customers place their orders via a touchscreen device. Their choices are made much easier thanks to the delectable and tantalizing photos taken by our team.

Help Your Customers “Window Shop”

When customers shop online on your eCommerce website, they can’t hold or handle your product. They need to rely on the photographs to interact with your items, so give them a better view with high-quality photos that show your products best angle.  

Our product photos will:

  • Effectively Communicate Details of Your Product
  • Incorporate Alternate Views
  • Provide Images for Each Color or Variation
  • Help Shoppers Match Product Styles, Colors, & Sizes
  • Boost Trust in Your Brand

Let 1SEO take your ecommerce store to the next level. We’ll give your customers some eye candy that is so tempting they’ll be sure to make a purchase. Our team captures stunning images that will help you turn those window shoppers into loyal customers by increasing your brand’s awareness. We always focus on optimal lighting and color to ensure that your product is the focal point of the photograph.

The Big Picture

Our photographs will get your business noticed. When you share your photos on social media, they will drive traffic to your website by attracting the attention of potential customers. Images give customers a better look at what your business has to offer which can boost the number of people you convert into customers. Plus, we can help you improve your SEO performance by adding alt tags that describe your pictures to search engines, so they have a better chance of showing up as a related image when your customers are browsing the internet.

Don’t let the benefits of having original photographs stop at your website, expand your brand presence by adding original photos to all of your marketing channels. From your print marketing materials to your email campaigns, let us help you create beautiful imagery that will enhance your brand’s identity.

Give Us a Shot

Don’t let your clients buy a product or service from your competitor just because they have a better photo. Show your potential clients just how great your business is with professional photos from our Bucks County team. Call 1SEO I.T. Support & Digital Marketing today or send us a message.