The Google Merchant Center

All of the products you want to promote through Google Shopping are “stored” in the Google Merchant Center. Our team will manage and optimize your product feed, ensuring that each item has an eye-catching photo and all the information that shoppers need to commit to a purchase. Google will also use this information to match your products with online shoppers.

Additionally, having an up-to-date product feed means that you make a great impression on potential customers who might not click on your ad right away, but could be back to buy later on.

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Google Ads

We set up your Google Shopping campaigns in Google Ads, which allows us to:

  • Use advanced targeting to reach buyers who are ready to convert.
  • Set your overall budget.
  • Adjust your bids to balance cost with competitiveness.
  • Reach customers who have shown interest in your products with remarketing lists for search ads.
  • Put more money toward crucial audience demographics with bid segmentation.
  • Gain insight into your performance and how we can improve it.

We Make Sure You Get the Right Results

Our PPC team will constantly analyze and monitor your impression share (how many times your ads are shown to potential customers) and your conversions (such as phone calls, contact forms, and purchases). We can track your Google Shopping successes by product, category, and more. We can then adjust your campaigns to maximize your return on investment.

A Customized, Collaborative Approach

When you choose 1SEO, you will work with a personal Client Relations Manager (CRM). This individual serves as your primary point of contact and your advocate, ensuring that your digital marketing team fully understands your needs and goals. Strong client relationships are the core of our business — we’ll go to any length to make sure that you are satisfied.

Your CRM will keep you up-to-date on your Google Shopping campaigns through regular reports and phone calls, and they are always happy to answer your questions.

Choose 1SEO I.T. Support & Digital Marketing

Customers in Bucks County, Philadelphia, and across the country choose 1SEO over our competitors because they know that we are a client-focused company. Our Client Relations Managers work hard to provide excellent customer service, and the ultimate goal of each member of our team is your business’s success.

Are you ready to sell more products with Google’s growing online marketplace? Call 1SEO at 215-946-1046 or contact us to schedule a free, one-hour consultation.