finding an app from a ppc advertisement to fit your specific needs

Why Advertise in Apps?

It’s all about your brand. Advertising your website across multiple platforms increases brand awareness, and mobile app advertising strengthens brand perception as customers view your company as in-touch and modern. The right mobile app advertising firm can help grow your brand through mobile app ads.

You’ll also enjoy a higher click rate with in-app advertising over typical mobile banner ads. For instance, app users are more likely to explore your website via in-app ads than typical banner ads on the web. Having a sleekly-designed and user-friendly ad can boost your brand engagement, which in turn, can lead to more sales.

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And because in-app advertising is less intrusive than other ads, it blends seamlessly into the user experience. A well-designed ad on a mobile app that doesn’t disturb the end-user experience is much more likely to get clicks, conversions, and ultimately, sales.

Bullseye: Hitting Your Targeted Audience

In-app ads are more cost effective than other types of ads, and they result in a higher click through rate as well. This is due to their ability to create better ad experiences for potential customers. With ad formats that are ideally-suited for apps, they can be smoothly integrated into the user experience. In certain cases, they can be designed to mimic user-generated content, which makes it far more likely for customers to engage and click. With paid mobile app advertising, you have the freedom to focus on a tighter demographic than typical, broad online audience. It’s estimated that on average, adults spend almost two and a half hours a day using mobile apps, compared to merely 25 minutes on the mobile web. Naturally, this group includes tech-savvy users and younger generations. Understanding and knowing your customer base, and especially how to reach them, gives you the edge when it comes to effectively spending your advertising dollars. Not only is in-app advertising an effective way to cost-effectively reach potential customers, but it can even be broken down by location. This means the geo-targeting options available through in-app advertisements allow you to make the most of your marketing budget while reaching the most ideal audience. For instance, you can target the customers in your area by:
  • Geo-Targeting
  • Zip Code
  • GPS Location Services
  • IP Address Geolocation
  • Geo-fencing
Targeting users only in the area you conduct business can eliminate the chance of you spending money to targeted consumers outside of your area of business. This increases the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

Let Our Resources Work for You

Our experienced team of digital advertising professionals is able to create engaging, creative advertisements and place them strategically in front of your customers, driving them to your site. Our mobile app advertising team can even provide in-depth feedback to assess the performance of your ad for mobile applications, and make any necessary adjustments. You can expect:
  • Advanced reporting on metrics
  • Flexible integration options
  • Retargeting options
By choosing us as your mobile app advertising firm, you can trust that your company is in great hands, and that you’re capitalizing on your marketing budget. Not only can our team help you with your in-app advertising, but we can also help you advertise through other platforms, like Google Ads, helping you form a comprehensive approach to how your Philadelphia or Bucks County business uses mobile apps.   Your customers use apps. So do your family, friends, and neighbors. Don’t you think it’s about time you capitalized on this technology? Contact us today to learn more about effective in-app advertising!