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Clutch Interview with Lance Bachmann on the Future of SEO

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Clutch, a B2B market research firm, recently spoke with Lance Bachmann, President & CEO of 1SEO Digital Agency, about the future of search engine optimization and how emerging trends and technologies will impact SEO best practices.

Clutch is a ratings and reviews platform, helping companies in the B2B space with their online reputation management through third-party, verified reviews. 1SEO Digital Agency was recently named on their site as a top internet marketing company in Philadelphia based on our quality of work, clientele and, most importantly, client reviews.

Clients who have graciously given their time to speak with us about their work have provided useful insights, speaking positively about their skills and vast experience in the industry.

Moreover, the projects we have worked on with our clients have allowed the 1SEO team to grow and accumulate a rich knowledge of online advertising. Clutch interviewed Lance to learn more about his experience, specifically his outlook on how search engine optimization has evolved and will continue to change.

A unifying thread throughout the interview was Bachmann’s observation that search has become heavily personalized. Customers want efficient search methods and immediate answers. Micro or highly intent-driven moments will be future focal points. In addition to always creating quality and relevant content, Bachmann also explained that defining and mapping the various ways a user can search for a product will be essential moving forward.  While the early stages of SEO were about link acquisition and ranking as fast as possible, now the focus has shifted to communication, branding, and messaging.

Additionally, new technologies, such as AI and voice search are having just as large an impact. Machine learning, such as Google’s Rankbrain, makes it not only essential to produce content that is engaging and useful for the end user, but will make search histories and audience demographics also important to consider. Likewise, as voice search improves and grows in popularity, marketers will have to pay more attention to long tail keywords, natural speech, and mobile friendliness.

Overall, as consumer behavior and expectations shift with emerging technologies, marketers will have to adapt and balance many moving pieces. To stand out in this environment, 1SEO is always learning, testing, and exploring innovative solutions to meet the unique challenges of our clients. To read more about the specific techniques we use to help businesses with their brand awareness and growth, explore our website today.

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