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Lights, Camera, (TR)ACTION!: Harnessing the Power of Video Marketing for Your Professional Service

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Law, accounting, architecture, engineering, and a bevy of other professional service disciplines turn to tried-and-true practices to refine their online presence and overall outreach, including search engine optimization, PPC campaigns, and website design. However, there exists a facet of impactful SEO that may come off a bit more ambiguous — or perhaps be overlooked altogether — that can take a firm to the next level: video marketing. Often integrated with social media and content marketing initiatives, video marketing offers compelling returns that professional service organizations should embrace:

Enhance Your Professional Service’s Landing Page

We’ve touched on best practices for creating a successful landing page in the past, but adding a video component to a landing page that ticks all the other boxes is imperative for professional service organizations in particular.

When a visitor clicks your ad and is taken to your landing page, it’s crucial to establish engagement right off the bat. After all, they’re looking for expertise, insight, and counsel — not merely product specs or home service details.

Implementing a video can be a great introduction by putting a “face to the name” — and 30 or so seconds can help you build trust that would not have existed otherwise. Don’t just take it from us, though. Research shows that video content on landing pages is capable of boosting conversion rates by over 80%

Increase Testimonial Potential

When it comes to individuals or businesses turning to your firm, authenticity — along with a stellar track record — is of utmost importance. In that sense, client testimonials are a chief resource for potential clients vetting your organization and gauging how, or if, you fit their needs. While a quote on the website that was (allegedly) said by a client is better than zero accessible customer experience for others to digest, a video testimonial is that much more worth putting stock in. And you know what they say a picture is worth in words, right? Well, how about ~30 of them a second?!

Having individuals that aren’t on the payroll isn’t exclusive to satisfied clients, either. You can use videos for interviews with fellow industry titans or to showcase business partners or associations you’ve worked with.

Bolster Email Marketing Campaigns

Tracking your email marketing campaigns is crucial to ascertain their efficacy — and tweak as necessary. A particular KPI you’re most likely looking out for is the open rate, or how many recipients actually opened the email. Video marketing can step up to the plate here, even in ways you might not imagine at first. The mere mention of the word “video” in an email subject has been shown to increase open rates by nearly 20%.

Videos that are part of your email marketing campaign don’t just have to be testimonials, either — they can work to visually recontextualize content you’re already on track to make your recipients aware. This could include your firm making a big announcement — a huge case win, an exciting development project, a new partner, the introduction of cutting-edge technology into your organization…the list goes on.

Furthermore, while an individual’s email may appear as a solitary piece of outreach, it can have a positive ripple effect on your end. Engaging videos are more likely to be shared on social media platforms — increasing brand awareness and amplifying factors search engines utilize to rank your site.

Ready for Action? Turn to Digital Marketing Professionals!

Like all things search engine optimization, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. If you’re looking to beef up your video content, other components of your marketing strategies should follow suit. With such a massive undertaking at stake, it’s vital to turn to experts who can help increase visibility, drum up business, and maintain your excellent reputation.

For more information about our full suite of digital marketing solutions, including video production services, contact our team today!

About the Author: 

Spencer Coulton is a Content Editor at 1SEO. When not writing, he can be found strumming his guitar, attempting to brew the perfect cup of coffee, or biking around Philadelphia — sometimes all at once.

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