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Guest Blog: How to Solve Problems and Deliver Value with Conversational AI

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Encompassing everything from web chat to digital voice assistants, “conversational AI” is at risk of becoming another marketing buzzword. Although chatbots and other conversational AI technologies haven’t yet achieved a human standard of communication, they’re evolving rapidly.

Just a few years ago, web chat was exclusive to the biggest brands. As instant messaging platforms continued to reshape customer expectations, automated web chat software for local businesses became more accessible and affordable.

Does your business really need conversational AI? The answer is a resounding yes — especially if growth is your goal. Conversational AI-powered webchat is one of the only platforms that delivers the instant gratification your customers expect. Let’s take a look at how conversational AI can solve problems for your business and deliver value to your customers.

How conversational AI solves problems for your business

Conversational AI software can generate more leads and appointments while also slashing customer service expenses and improving SEO. Let’s break down each problem in more detail.

Generates more leads.

When it comes to generating qualified leads with web chat, the possibilities are endless. Web chat is a consensual form of marketing that allows visitors to opt in, rather than forcing them to opt out.

Here are a few ways web chat can generate more leads for your business:

  • Greet visitors when they land on your site
  • Collect contact information when your support team is offline
  • Engage with users when they abandon a purchase or form submission
  • Ensure they’ve found all the information they need on your blog or product pages

Schedules more appointments.

Conversational AI-powered chat allows your customers to schedule appointments in just a few clicks. With the right integrations, your chat software can even log each one in your appointment scheduling management system and add a calendar entry.

The process is quick, simple, and completely automated, giving your business more time to spend solving complex problems.

Cuts customer service expenses.

Automated chat can save you money as well as time. It’s safe to say most SMBs don’t have the budget to employ a full, 24/7 customer service team.

The good news is, they don’t need one. Chatbots are sophisticated and intelligent enough to answer most of your customers’ questions even when your business is closed.

We say “most” questions because there are always exceptions to the rule. In that case, the bot can assure your customer that a staff member will assist them as soon as possible.

Gives your site’s SEO health a small boost.

Installing live chat on your site won’t automatically appease the almighty Google algorithms. Done right, however, web chat can slightly improve your SEO. 

Here a few ingenious ways you can use conversational AI to increase average time-on-page, decrease bounce rate, and more.

Include calls-to-action in the chat window buttons.

Let’s say your HVAC business is hiring. You might want to include a link to your Careers page in your chat window.

Maybe you own a local gym and you’re offering a discount for new members. Adding a link to your membership page makes it easier to convert prospects into loyal customers.

Each time your site visitors click a link in the chat window, your bounce rate goes down and your SEO sees a marginal boost.

These are just a few examples of how you can use custom buttons to convert visitors into happy customers and improve key SEO metrics.

Link to relevant blog posts or pages in messages.

Let’s say you own a wellness company. A visitor lands on your homepage from a search results page for local weight loss programs.

They send your chatbot a long list of questions about the program. How long does it last? How much does it cost? What methods are involved? What results can they expect to see?

Detailed answers to those questions might venture into text-wall territory. Here’s how you can answer their questions, save them time, and improve your SEO all in one. 

  • Step 1: Ensure your chatbot is equipped to answer each question succinctly, providing only the pertinent information.
  • Step 2: Set up the chatbot to direct prospects to the program landing page, relevant blog posts, and client testimonials.
  • Step 3: Reassure the prospect that you’re standing by to answer any additional questions.

Chances are, they’ll click those links and spend a few minutes reading and learning. This approach improves dwell time, average time-on-page, and session duration.

Most importantly, it answers the customer’s questions while also giving them time and space to explore and decide for themselves. Offering to answer additional questions also proves you’re committed to providing excellent customer service.

Repurpose customer queries from your chat logs into search-optimized website content.

“If you want to know what challenges your customers face, ask them.”

Marketers in all industries live by this tenet. It’s the simplest way to pinpoint your customers’ problems.

But it works both ways — through live chat, your customers can also ask your business how you can solve those problems.

All that data is stored in your chat logs. Review them regularly to identify your customers’ frequently asked questions and pain points. 

Use UTM tracking to discover which search queries are driving visitors to your site. Then, create content for those queries. Not only will this boost your rank and authority with Google, but it also ensures your content is solving your customers’ problems.

Got questions about SEO? Read more about 1SEO’s digital marketing services to discover how we can help you rank on the first page of Google.

How conversational AI delivers value to your customers

Providing outstanding customer service is, of course, your top priority. Here are a few ways conversational AI gives back to your customers.

Keeps your virtual storefront open 24/7.

Your website is, of course, your virtual storefront. But without web chat, your customers can’t contact your business whenever (and however) they want.

Sure, they could waste 10 minutes filling out a long form that asks for their home address, phone number, and their mother’s maiden name. But they don’t have the time or patience. (You probably wouldn’t, either, if you just had a quick question about shipping or subscribing.)

Thanks in large part to instant messaging, most customers don’t just want businesses to respond within 10 minutes — they expect it.

On the surface, this may seem unfair for SMBs without a huge customer service budget. But affordable tools like automated web chat level the playing field.

Provides a personalized experience with no intervention from you.

Conversational AI learns about and adapts to your customers’ needs and preferences. Chatbots know the difference between new and returning visitors and customize their messages accordingly.

AI-powered chat acts as a digital customer service agent. It ensures your visitors find everything they need and offers assistance should they require it.

You can set up custom messages for each page. Here are a few examples:

  • A greeting on your homepage with links to special offers
  • A prompt on your best-performing blog posts with links to related posts
  • A reminder about current discounts on your product pages

Solving problems and delivering value with conversational AI: wrapping up

Web chat isn’t just a fancy tool for big businesses anymore. Even local mom-and-pop shops are using web chat to generate more leads and ensure every visitor enjoys a personalized experience.

Most customers prefer web chat over other customer service channels. Investing in conversational AI proves to your customers that you care about their preferences. Opening up every possible avenue of communication with your business is key to increasing reach and brand awareness.

Got questions about what conversational AI can do for your digital marketing efforts? 1SEO has answers. Start a chat with us today, or reach out via email, phone, or form. We’re happy to discuss your needs on whichever platform you prefer.

About The Author: Mel Lee-Smith is the content wizard at ZyraTalk, the nation’s #1 messaging platform for small businesses.

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