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Home Services Guide to Video Marketing

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The internet has become a wild, informative, and go-to source for homeowners looking to make the most informed decisions for the home services companies they utilize. With pages upon pages of web results and different home services competing for valuable web real estate, you spend most of your time actively wondering how you can stand out from the competition and get noticed in such a competitive marketplace. While you might have a strong social media presence, a strong search engine optimization (SEO) campaign, or a pay per click advertising (PPC) campaign that puts your brand front and center in front of customers, if the content isn’t engaging, your conversions won’t be what they could reach. One way to present that engaging content revolves around sound video marketing!


Make Videos Your Customers Will Want to Watch

One of the most critical components of any video marketing strategy centers around whether the video content is useful for your audience. If the videos you post don’t resonate with your target audience, then you won’t see the success you envisioned. Know your audience and craft video content around what they want to see. Suppose you are in an area where people are more hands-on with their home repairs. In that case, a series of videos highlighting small DIY repairs they can do around their home can grab their attention while including calls to action that your company can help handle the more involved repairs. You provide your audience with engaging content that gives them something they want to watch, further establishing your authority on the subject matter, and encourage your audience to remember you when they require assistance. 


Including specific videos for different audiences and campaigns means you play to each medium’s strengths and tailor the experiences to your targeted audience. Another aspect to keep in mind is how your target audience will view your videos. With a larger majority of people interacting with digital content via their phones, you’ll want to ensure that your video content is optimized for mobile devices. Utilizing video marketing for your social media, email newsletters and further establishing your authority within the sector can help set your business apart from the competition. 


How Videos Can Make Your Social Campaign Pop

Social media has become such an integral part of countless digital marketing efforts that one can imagine standing out from your competitors can prove difficult. Your competition has similar services, similar promises of excellent customer service, and expertly trained staff. For many potential customers looking for a quality home service company, picking one over another comes down to the little details and what grabs their attention first. With social media being a relatively short attention span type of medium, your newsfeed gets constantly bombarded with posts from your friends, family, groups, and companies that you follow. It can quickly devolve into information overload for people. That’s having content that changes things up and draws people’s attention to your home service business and begins converting. A sound video marketing strategy can help give your social media campaigns the boost they need. 


For social media purposes, these videos should be short, sweet, and to the point. Most social media platforms have a set time limit on what brands can post, regardless if it’s an ad or part of your organic strategy. Utilizing the time allotted properly can help your video marketing efforts by keeping your audience engaged throughout the ad. 


By The Power Email and Video Marketing Combined, You Have Engaged Customers!

The key to any effective email marketing campaign boils down to getting people to open the email and click on whatever link your newsletter promotes that particular email blast. While engaging copy and snappy headlines go a long way towards increasing the click-through rates, giving the recipients additional reasons to engage can only help. That’s where combining your team’s video marketing efforts with the email marketing campaign can help boost your overall efforts and increase conversions. The videos you use for the newsletters should inform and amplify the newsletter’s subject matter while providing essential information to your audience. 


Build and Establish Your Trust and Authority 

For homeowners looking to choose which home services company they want to use, they want a company that they view as both trustworthy and knowledgeable about their particular services. They’re entrusting their home to this company, and they want to be reasonably assured that they haven’t misplaced that trust. Utilizing a variety of well-made and informative videos covering various topics can help build that trust. From client testimonials highlighting your professionalism to the DIY videos showing homeowners things they can do around the home before calling in the experts, and even quick videos showcasing your team can help build the level of trust people have in your organization. Showing personal and human touches in these videos can help potential customers separate the image of a corporate entity and see your business as a trusted friend and resource. 


Let 1SEO Be Your Video Marketing Sherpa! 

As you begin to embark on your next video marketing campaign, keep in mind that the quality of the videos matters. While cell phones have enabled everyone to create their own video content, that does not mean that all cell phone videos are created equal. Having an agency in your corner with the experience and capabilities to take your video marketing ideas and transform them into actionable and traceable progress can mean the world for the success of your home services company. Contact our team to learn more about our video marketing, social media, and content marketing services and how we can help you take your video strategy to the next level!

About the Author: 

Dan Matthews is your friendly neighborhood content writer at 1SEO. His secret dream is to go onto Guy’s Grocery Games, win, and parlay that into a recurring role as a judge. You can find him around town sampling the finest taco spots Philadelphia has to offer.

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