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5 Ways Choosing the Perfect Christmas Tree is Like Finding the Right Agency

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Have you ever thought about how strange it is that many of us put dying trees in our homes for the holidays? Even though that’s not the point of this post, it’s an interesting concept to think about for a moment.

What this post is really about is how two unique experiences relate to each other. It’s true that the process of choosing the perfect Christmas tree is much different than the process of finding the right agency. But we still want to give you a fun comparison of how the two experiences work in similar ways.

You Expect an Enthusiastic Staff

Maybe you like taking the family to a Christmas tree farm where you can chop down a tree yourself. Or perhaps you prefer a sketchy, vacant gas station where a few guys set up shop for the season (no judging). Either way, no matter where you go, isn’t it always nice to see a little Christmas spirit from the staff?

Even just a smile or an offer to lend a hand can make all the difference in your perception of the place. Because when it comes to customer service, it’s the little things that count. And it’s a positive experience like this that you should also look for in an agency. Why? Because it shows they care.

You Want to Avoid Surprises

Whether you discover a giant hole, realize the branches are too weak, notice all the needles are falling off within the first week, or a bird flies out of it when in the middle of the night, it’s best to keep the surprises to a minimum when you’re buying a Christmas tree. That’s why you need to give it a couple spins and check for any issues before handing over the money, wrapping it up and tossing it on top of your car.

When your shopping for an agency, you should be just as picky as you are when shopping for something that will be kicked to the curb in a matter of weeks. Do your homework and make sure they are the right fit for you!

It Takes Years for Both to be Full-Grown

The most popular height range for Christmas trees is between six and eight-foot tall, which can take up to eight years to grow. But don’t assume it’s an easy process; growers use shearing techniques each year to help control the shape and density of the trees. Mother Nature plays the most important role of all, though, maturing the trees through years of heavy rainfall, wind, hail and drought.

And as soon as the trees reach the grower’s desired height, each one is evaluated and ranked based on three different sides. Just like a Christmas tree, it also takes years for an internet marketing agency to mature. Only after years of building trust and a good reputation do they become a full-grown, three-out-of-three.

When You Have Questions, You Need Honest Answers  

No matter how many times you may have bought a Christmas tree in your life, there are some questions you just always need to ask. For example: What type of tree is the bushiest? Which ones have the strongest branches? Or, which ones have the needles that last the longest? Being that you shop for a real tree only once a year—and you probably aren’t an expert—it’s easy to forget these kinds of details.

Nevertheless, they’re essential while picking out the most important Christmas decoration for your home. And when someone is willing to take the time and answer these questions with a smile on their face, you feel comfortable and appreciated. Likewise, an agency representative who can answer all your questions with honest, informative answers, makes you feel like more of a friend than just a “prospect.”

Work is Required from Both Parties for Positive Results

Any business selling Christmas trees can be responsible for countless tasks, from offering guidance, trimming branches and giving it a fresh cut to wrapping it in plastic and tying it on top of your car. But there are also things on your end that need to get done to ensure it’s the best-looking tree in the neighborhood.

For starters, you must carry it from your car to the inside of your home, which can easily turn into a nightmare depending on its size. And once it’s in there, you have to straighten it up in the stand, water it regularly, maybe even give it some food and, of course, put on all the lights, garland and ornaments.

Through hard work and effort from both you and the workers, your Christmas tree will light up the block and impress all your guests! Similarly, by working together with your agency to launch the most effective campaigns, your brand will stand out online and you’ll generate best possible results from your digital marketing dollars. Mutual respect for one another and a commitment to a common goal makes any business decision an easy one.

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