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Social Media: An Influential Tool For Your Nonprofit

Implementing a social media strategy is integral to your nonprofit organization. Marketing on social media can be cost-effective and can help you start a grassroots movement. We can help you build your brand and create recognition through captivating social posts and content.

Our social media strategies for nonprofits allow your organization to inform your audience of its mission and vision and provide an opportunity to engage and influence them as well. This creates a genuine dialogue among your followers in social networks for sharing and disseminating ideas.

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Craft, Share, and Build

At 1SEO IT & Digital Marketing, our social media service for nonprofits will assist you to grow your organization through building your brand and engaging your audience. However, we want your audience to grow as well. We do this by crafting compelling content that’s relevant to your vision.

Your social media strategy needs to do more than just share information about events and fundraising. Many nonprofits merely update their social media with these donation appeals and posts of congratulations or praise.

While they remain a crucial way to relay important news and events, we strive to create more compelling posts. Our social media team excels in crafting visual stories to create an emotional effect and give your viewers a reason to follow your organization.

When we create and manage social media accounts, we design them to be customized to your nonprofit’s needs and priorities and aligned with your mission. This is vital in helping your brand create loyalty and a sense of trust with the community it serves. And in an ever-changing digital world, we continually update our practices to identify any trends and work to successfully implement them.

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Purposeful Strategies Across All Platforms

1SEO features experienced social specialists to manage your social media presence on every single platform. We customize all of our social campaigns for each different platform to most effectively engage your audience and allow it to grow organically.

We provide your nonprofit with social media marketing on:

Social Media Specialists

The social media goals for any nonprofit should include several objectives. First, posts should drive traffic back to your website, potentially allow you to collect email addresses from followers and use the information for future campaigns.

Connecting with new prospects should be of the utmost importance as well. This includes getting current supporters and followers to share the compelling content that you provide, which can grow not only your online presence, but your brand as well.

Maintaining contact with current donors is also vital to stay “front of mind” with them and volunteers. Allowing people to send you messages and responding promptly shows that you care about your followers as much as you care about your cause.

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Our social media specialists can present you with calculable results and outcomes so we can further tailor our services to your needs and mission. 1SEO believes in full transparency, and we want you to have all the tools and aides at your discretion, including social media and other paid channels like PPC for your nonprofit, to fully engage and influence your audience.

For a free consultation for your nonprofit organization, or for more information, contact us today.

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