Aesthetic And Functional

Not only will our custom websites be beautifully made, but they will also function with direct and clear navigation for a welcoming user experience. Our design team will provide a sense of organization and usability to your site that will yield results and drive conversions. As your organization’s needs change, this will be reflected on your site.

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Relay Information

At 1SEO, we understand that your website needs to relay general information. As one of your primary fundraising tools, it has to not only provide necessary contact information but also share your organization’s mission and voice, and provide exciting content as well. We know you also need your website to integrate the social channels for your nonprofit and make it easy to donate through user-friendly interfaces.

Build Trust

It’s also imperative to show donors that your site is secure, and once they donate, you want to demonstrate the impact that it makes by illustrating how your donations are being implemented.

Highlighting your tax-exempt status is also useful for your organization’s legitimacy, and of course, a strong call to action should be listed on every page to rally donors and volunteers to action.

Get Started
We know that you have a passion for your nonprofit organization’s cause and mission. For a free consultation, or for more information about our web design for nonprofits and other services like PPC for your nonprofit, give us a call today.