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The Best Website Design for Electricians

Whether you’ve never had a website or you have one that you’d like to revamp, our award-winning team of web designers is ready to help. We’ve worked with electricians like you to create websites that bring in more leads and get them to contact you.

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Amp Up Your SEO with an Optimized Site

One thing that you may not realize is that your electrician website actually affects your SEO. There are numerous settings that you can update, including meta titles and descriptions, to help the search engines understand what your website is about, what services you offer as an electrician, and what areas you serve. For this reason, we build custom electrician websites on WordPress so that all of the essential information is present. Plus, you don’t have to be an expert web developer to make updates to your content. Our team can show you how easy it is to make minor changes when you need to add new information.

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Custom Electrician Websites for a Mobile-First World

Today, many people will look up something on their phone before they even think about turning on their computer. If someone lands on the mobile version of your site, but it takes more than a few seconds to load, chances are, they’re going to hit the back button. Even if your electrician website is responsive and it loads quickly, if it doesn’t display correctly or if important information is difficult to find, it could leave people with a negative impression of your business. Our web designers always create websites with a mobile-first mindset to ensure that potential electrician customers have the best possible experience.


Increase Conversions on Your Electrician Website

One of the main functions of your electrician website is to facilitate conversions such as phone calls and contact forms. Your contact information will be easily accessible at the top of the page to minimize scrolling and increase the likelihood of someone reaching out to you. Our web designers will create a clean design that makes it easy to learn about each of the electrical contractor services that you offer, as well. By laying out the page this way, it will also help to improve conversions for your electrician PPC campaign. Our expert web designers can add in any other functionality that you might want for your electrician website, such as live chat, buttons for your electrician social media pages, and more.


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