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If you want home and business owners, along with home builders and construction companies, to be aware of your services as an electrician, then you need SEO to help people find you.

At 1SEO, we will always use best practices to help you start ranking for the keywords that matter to you so that more people will discover you as a top electrician.

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Win Online Locally with SEO

For electricians, local SEO is vital so that customers in your area are able to find you easily. In order to succeed with your SEO efforts, we’ll research the best keywords to use based on your core services. We’ll make sure to include locations as part of these keywords so that you’ll appear more often for searches in those areas or with the words “near me.”

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Make the Best Use of Your Marketing Budget

When we talk about SEO, we will sometimes refer to it as “organic” traffic. That means people found your website naturally after typing in a query related to your business. Unlike the PPC that you run as an electrician, when someone clicks an organic search result, you do not pay for that click.

Your website’s SEO value will typically continue to grow over time, which is why it is a solid investment which will be cost-effective in the long-run.

Get Shareable Content to Support Your SEO

In order to optimize your site, our team will write web content that includes your targeted keywords and locations. However, we won’t just slap keywords on the page — we’ll carefully craft content that works to inform your potential electrician customers and persuades them to choose your company over your competitors.

Besides optimizing your web pages, we’ll also create additional content on an ongoing basis, including blogs, videos, and infographics. This content, which we’ll share on your electrician social media pages, can be used to inform your audience about potential electrical hazards in their home or equipment that they have that should be replaced. You can also show off recent projects that you’ve completed to encourage contractors or businesses to work with you for their next electrical project. In addition to sharing this content on social media, we’ll also post it on your website and include keywords linked to relevant pages, strengthening their performance.

Update Your Digital Phone Book Listing

Twenty years ago, anyone who needed an electrical contractor would turn to the phone book. Today, that’s obviously not the case, and everyone turns to the internet to find the electrician they need. Part of the SEO that we do for you includes updating your listings online to make it as easy as possible for people to find and contact you. This includes optimizing your Google My Business profile with all the relevant information about your business. We can also update your listings on other sites where people may search for electricians, such as Angie’s List, Yelp, and  

Results On-Demand

We know that electricians want to see measurable results from their SEO campaign. That’s why we make it simple to know how well your keywords are performing, how many people have visited your website, and how many people have contacted you after viewing your site. All of this information and more will be readily available in your custom digital marketing reports.

Work with the Best SEO Team for Electricians

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