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Capture Your Audience's Attention With a Fine-Tuned Social Media Strategy

According to research by, 44% of students looking for their future college or university have cited social media as a direct influence in their final school decisions.

Social media marketing in the educational sector is becoming more and more of a staple for schools across the nation, and no longer just an option to consider. With over 2.2 billion active users on Facebook alone, and Instagram following closely behind at 1 billion active profiles, it’s absolutely essential to tap into these channels if you want to capture your audience’s attention.

When implemented correctly, a fine-tuned social media strategy can be advantageous for daycares, higher education institutions, private schools, and cyber schools alike. At 1SEO I.T. Support & Digital Marketing, our Philadelphia-area social media marketing specialists are passionate about helping your school create both a unique and engaging presence through various social media strategies.

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Connect With Both Parents & Students

While some may think social media is strictly used by today’s younger generation, this could not be any further from the truth. A report published by the Pew Research Center found that 88% of adults aged 18-29 are active on social media and 64% aged 50-64 are also using at least one social media outlet. When it comes to creating a targeted social media campaign, the process is similar to building out a PPC campaign for your educational institution. We will evaluate your audience first, your campaign goals next, and then get to work implementing the best social media practices to help you reach those goals.

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Platformed for Success

One of the most powerful features of social media is the ability to target content in the most effective way possible. As 1SEO uncovers the targeted demographic for your particular educational establishment, we are able to develop customized social media campaigns for all appropriate platforms. No matter what your school’s objectives may be, there is a platform that can help you reach them. Our team is adept at using all of the following platforms:


Start Building Your Following Today

A social media strategy done right by our experts here at 1SEO will ultimately lead to more potential student enrollments, more traffic to your website, and more engagement with your brand overall. Are you ready to start building your following? Contact our Bucks County-based social media and SEO specialists for the education sector to schedule your hassle-free consultation today!