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PPC, or pay-per-click advertising, has two main advantages for chiropractors. The first is that your ads will typically be displayed higher on the page, above the organic results. The second benefit is that PPC allows us to show ads to a very specific group of people.  

As a Google Premier Partner, our team of PPC experts is one of the best in the nation, and we are certified and fully versed in how to take full advantage of Google’s suite of advertising products. We have consistently demonstrated that we can get results for our clients, including chiropractors.

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Our Chiropractic PPC Process

When you first come on board with our team, our experts will conduct research based on your goals and analyze your competitors in order to find the best keywords and phrases to target that will make the most of your budget. We’ll focus on the areas where you’re most likely to get new patients from, while excluding those that are too far away or are unlikely to take an action after seeing an ad for your chiropractic office.

After we establish your goals and build out an appropriate ad campaign, we’ll write enticing ad copy so that patients will want to click and learn more about your services. Once they land on your chiropractor website, we want to make sure that they have a good experience and can easily find the information they’re looking for. If our team sees anything that could be improved on the landing page for your ad, we’ll make recommendations on what to change.

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Make the Best Use of Google Ads

When most chiropractors think of paid advertising, they think of Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords). This platform offers plenty of targeting options that work well for virtually any practice area. Since most people search on Google, your ads will also have higher visibility.

If you’ve tried working in Google Ads for your chiropractic office before, or had someone else doing so, and didn’t get the results you had hoped for, let our experts take a look. We’ll find ways to improve your campaign, stretch your budget further, lower your cost per click, and bring in more qualified patient leads. Once we create your chiropractic PPC ads, we won’t just leave them running. We’ll regularly check their performance and make adjustments as needed.

Increase Your Odds of Being Seen in Search Results

Some chiropractors think that if they have PPC ads, they don’t need SEO, or vice versa. However, the truth is that paid advertising and your chiropractic SEO work together to increase your overall online visibility, giving you two chances to show up in the search results. Plus, you may even show up twice, which gives your chiropractic office greater credibility.

Get Started with the Best PPC Team for Chiropractors

Paid advertising can help to get the word out about your chiropractic services so that patients can find you just when they need you. To find out more about PPC and other paid channels, such as social media for your chiropractic office, contact us today.