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Your website serves as a representation of your company. What does your site say about your business right now? If you work in the home services industry, you want customers both old and new to associate your company with convenience, professionalism, and quality. A well-designed website accomplishes just this.

At 1SEO Digital Agency, we have a tremendous amount of experience with creating custom websites for home services companies. We create websites that are visually appealing and easy to navigate. We’re also experts in SEO for home services companies, and we’ll outline your content to be packed with information optimized to help customers find you in search results. Your website can offer all the functionality you and your customers need, on both mobile and desktop platforms.

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Basics of Website Design for Home Services

Websites should quickly communicate who you are and what you do. Do you do plumbing, roofing, HVAC, or all of the above? What’s special about your brand? Have you been in business for 50 years? Do you have an immaculate reputation in your community? Can you service homes in an emergency situation? Your website should showcase whatever makes you who you are.

Home services websites should also make it easy for customers to get in touch with you. 1SEO Digital Agency helps lots of companies with conversion optimization, making sure customers don’t just find you, but also do business with you. With easy-to-find contact information and lead forms, we’ll make sure your website doesn’t miss the opportunity for new business.

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Imagery for a Home Services Website

With most home services, images help tell your story. What does a finished chimney look like? How beautiful did you make the house you just painted? Why tell your customers about your great work when you can show them? You’re in luck, 1SEO has a dedicated team of professional photographers and video producers, which we can seamlessly integrate into your website. With a company as great as yours, you’ve got to show off a little.

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What Pages Go on a Home Services Website?

We’ll customize a structure of webpages to suit your needs. Typically, these are the kinds of pages we’ll suggest for your website:

Every website has one. Yours should welcome users in, show them who you are, and conveniently lead them to wherever they want to go on the site.

The bread and butter for a company like yours, services pages go into detail about the work you do. They are especially helpful for companies with a range of services, allowing you to target different service-based keywords.

Location-based pages communicate the areas you serve and target localized keywords for SEO, a common tactic for successful local SEO.

Capitalize on your great reputation by showcasing customer reviews and testimonials. A stamp of approval from customers is a proven marketing tool.

Show off examples of your work, especially for visual-focused services such as painting, landscaping, and swimming pool building.

These are just some basics to give you an idea what we’ll be creating for you. Websites also typically contain a sitemap page, an About Us page, and a Contact Page. You may also want to publish a blog and keep it fresh with timely content to raise awareness for your brand.

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We Build Your Website

We don’t just design your website; we also build it. Our experienced website development team will make your website using proven techniques to ensure it works fast and looks good on both desktop and mobile devices. As SEO experts, we also ensure proper technical SEO, allowing search engines to crawl your website efficiently. And since we build your site, you can easily turn to us when you need changes.

You Own Your Website

A lot of digital marketing companies don’t let their clients own their website. Surprised? We are too, because that’s just bad customer service. When you work with 1SEO, you own the site. It’s yours. We don’t work on long-term agreements, and we don’t hold your website hostage to keep you around. 

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