To maintain longevity and growth of your business, you rely on one thing. The trust of your customers. If you keep their trust, you’ll have a long-term relationship. If their trust dwindles, you’ll lose their business and they’ll find a competitor.

There are a number of companies that just don’t understand the value of customer service. It only takes a few extra steps to make sure all your customers are happy with the service you provide. You can tell right away the businesses that don’t take that extra effort as you look at Google reviews and Twitter remarks and more.

Customer service can make or break a sale. Especially in the online world.

You log onto Facebook or scroll through your Twitter feed. There’s two, three, four different rants complaining about a company’s service. When you see these rants, you automatically have a negative opinion about a company you’ve never heard of. Now when you need these services, you’re going to avoid that company because you remember that rant from one of your friends.

Here at Digital Agency, we preach customer service experience. Everyone who walks through our doors; everyone who talks to a digital marketer on the phone; we want you to have a memorable and positive experience. Whether you are interested in local SEO, social media, website design, app design, or managed IT services, we treat everyone like family.

  • ~90% of consumers have stopped doing business with a company due to a poor customer service experience.
  • >90% of consumers that have experienced poor customer service share it with others.
  • ~50% of consumers do business with a competitor due to a more positive reputation.
  • ~80% of consumers have abandoned their transaction due to a poor customer service experience.

How can you take advantage of the value of customer service in this digital world?

Make It Simple for Customers to Reach You

If you’re difficult to reach, you’re not providing good customer service. Make sure that all platforms where your brand is present on includes contact information. Whether it’s through an email, on the website, on social media, or other mediums, contact information is vital.

Your customers are looking for answers or responses quickly. They don’t want to wait. We’re not a culture that is inclined to wait. We all know that emails are delivered to your mobile device and you read contact forms as soon as they come through. Don’t wait to respond.

Engage With Your Customers

This seems like a given. Customers that are present on social media and other online platforms like to establish relationships with a brand. It doesn’t have to be on a name-to-name basis, especially for large corporations, but reply to their queries on social media, like their posts that mention you, reply to their posts and let them know that you’re there for them if anything is needed, and gather insights into your customer service experience.

A Twitter study found that customer care increases willingness to pay across industries. Of course, you get that annoying friend on Facebook that goes off on tangents about customer service. Something that is undoubtedly more for attention than anything else, especially if the brand isn’t even tagged.

On Twitter, brands interact more with customers and it’s an easy way to express feelings within a sentence or two. The study found that brands that were responsive to customer tweets saw higher revenue potentials, customer satisfaction, customer recommendations, and customer loyalty. Starting a conversation and a relationship pays dividends for customer satisfaction.

Know Your Customers

Understand your target audience. Know what their interests are how you can appeal to them. When you get their interest, that’s when you start a relationship and focus on customer service. That’s when you learn their problems and help find a solution by communicating within the company to get to the bottom of the scenario and provide a better experience.

Apologize to them when at fault, respect them and do the right thing. Customer service experience begins with knowing and understanding your customers. Focus on the small things and treating your customers fairly. If you know your customers, they’ll see the effort you’re putting in and continue to value their experience with your company.

Listen & Respond to Improve a Customer’s Experience

It’s that extra effort to make sure your customer’s are enjoying their experience. Whether you call them out of the blue, follow up to make sure they’re happy, ask them questions to improve their experience, and above all show that you care, you’re winning the customer service game.

The trust factor will never wane.

Listen to the chatter on social media. Make sure all inquiries are handled in a timely manner. Listen and respond. It’s that simple.

Be proactive rather than being reactive. Your customers are expecting more from you in today’s digital age than ever before.

Customer service is a key cog in the success of your business. While it’s imperative to focus on customer service experience during face-to-face interactions, you can’t hide behind the digital screen. A digital customer experience can be even more valuable than in-store interactions. Take advantage of providing a quality customer experience. It only takes a few extra steps.