Your online presence relies on curating content to your audience and social followers.

When you embark on your content marketing journey, the biggest challenge is finding the time to create the quality content your company needs to appeal to your customers.

This takes time. It takes commitment and creativity. It’s more than just recycling a topic and saying the same thing all other posts are saying.

The solution? Content curation.

Curating content allows you to set aside time each day or each week to create your unique and 10x content while spending the rest of your time focusing on customer service and running your business.

What is content curation?

When you’re acting as a content curator, you’re finding the best content in your niche industry and sharing it for the value of your followers and community.

It’s a way to fill in the gaps as you organize the content that resonates with your audience. For the best content marketing strategy, Curata finds that marketers create 65% of their content, syndicate 10% and curate 25%.

If you’re a content creator, chances are you’re already curating content, as well. You’ll be publishing content consistently, sharing the most useful information. It shows you’re paying attention to the latest trends and news in your industry, building your reputation and establishing trust to earn more followers.

Where does content curation live?

Content marketing has become one of the hottest buzzwords in digital marketing. As more and more marketers and business owners are beginning to compete in the world of content creation, you need to leverage the best of the best for your own benefit.

Share content that is valuable to help you grow a following. Curated content lives on your blog and social media profiles.

You may be asking yourself, “Why would I promote content that isn’t mine on my own blog?” You will still be adding value when you include top posts and articles from your niche. I have been fortunate enough to be included in weekly “round-ups” where my post was featured as the week’s best content on a particular topic.

Social media is an easier route to take. You can distribute related content simply by sharing it. The best thing to do is to add your unique insight into the particular article. Adding your own thoughts sets you apart from others that copy the link and share the content without adding anything.

Develop Relationships with Industry Influencers

As you curate content for the benefit of your customers and audience, you’re also providing value to influencers. You’re offering a link back to their website while opening up their content to new eyes. Let them know!

Shout out those influencers on Twitter to let them know they were included. If you want to include a more personal touch, send them an email. I received an email when I was included in a monthly roundup for an article that appeared in Search Engine Journal. See the image below.

This increases the recognition for these authors and lets them know they’re making an impact for others through their content. You’ll see retweets and replies to emails that start a relationship with these influencers.

Build Your Social Following

Content curation is a long road, and you must maintain consistency to see success. Many successful content curators have built large followings through their techniques. Sharing content is the preferred method of curation for many marketers.

Curated content on social media platforms represents almost 50% of all clicks. You must share content that others have created, using hashtags and handles to tag the authors and let them know you’ve used their content.

Your audience is active on social media. They check their feeds multiple times throughout the day and your post is likely to appear in front of fresh eyes. Promote your curated content, and build your following.

Utilize An RSS Feed to Leverage Unique Content

You could be using just Twitter to find articles and content to include in your curation. Once of the best resources for finding and leveraging more quality is through RSS feeds. When you’re utilizing your feeds, you’ll receive alerts as soon as articles are published, giving you more pieces to find value.

When you find relevant information before other curators, you can promote all the big brands and companies in your industry for improved distribution of your blog or social profile. Don’t just look for the publisher and read the headline for your content curation.

Be selective to share the absolute best content. Plus, RSS feeds give you the content that people haven’t seen yet. This helps you set the trend. You know what your audience is looking for, so deliver them the value they seek.

Set up Google Alerts for relevant keywords to your business, and begin to monitor news sites with an RSS Reader.

Never Underestimate the Value of Curated Content

While it’s imperative that you maintain a consistent schedule for your original content creation, there is tremendous value when you take advantage of curated content.

It’s amazing to watch how your curations can gain traction and build an audience. Curating content gives you the opportunity to make an impact for your customers. Share regularly and gain visibility. As you share, remember that you’re marketing yourself.

Your using other’s work to build your voice and supply reliable and valuable information to your followers. You establish trust and show you’re knowledgeable when your audience can count on you for sharing quality information.

Using a variety of trusted sources and maintaining an effective balance between content curation and creation will lead to a highly successful marketing campaign. It’s powerful and valuable. Don’t underestimate it.