Pokémon GO has taken the nation by storm. Using augmented reality technology, users are heavily engaged as they try to be the best Pokémon trainers in the game, increasing their level as often as possible.

In findings by Similar Web, the day after Pokémon GO was released, it was installed on more Android phones than the popular dating app, Tinder. At the pace this app is performing, and the daily users it has retained, it won’t be long before the number of daily users surpasses that of Twitter. Our daily routines have changed as we are consistently looking for new Pokémon to catch. After all, we gotta catch ‘em all.

To put this in perspective, users are spending more time on the app, an average of 43 minutes per day (in its infancy), than they are on their favorite social media apps.

That means that your marketing strategy can be positively impacted right away by implementing a piece of Pokémon GO into your local brick and mortar business. People find Pokémon within the map in their area. When an animated monster appears, they see it in the “real world” through their camera and toss Pokéballs at it until it is subdued.

The way users across the country are passing new places and going on long walks to find the best Pokémon, your business is at an advantage. Buy into the hype and embrace the augmented reality. Make it part of your marketing strategy to increase sales.



Users flock to PokéStops in order to collect supplies. These stops offer free items for you and your trainer every five minutes as long as you’re in the area.

Supplies include items that heal your Pokémon, eggs that can be hatched after walking a given distance, and more Pokéballs so players can continue catching Pokémon. These stops are set up in real-life locations, which can be a goldmine for your business when you utilize that luck correctly.

As a local business, you can help users flock to your store by utilizing in-app purchasing Lure Modules, a unique feature of Pokémon GO. Once purchased, Pokémon will flock to the PokéStops for a 30-minute period. Trainers will see flower petals on the map to indicate more Pokémon are being lured to the area. You can exploit this foot traffic by offering promotions and discounts for patrons or customers who visit your business to collect Pokémon.

Even if you’re in the vicinity of the stop, you can take advantage of the added foot traffic. We’ve already seen local retailers and coffee shops spring up signs advertising they’re a PokéStop to lure in customers.

It will be interesting to see as time goes on whether or not Nintendo and Niantic Labs updates the app to allow local businesses the opportunity to purchase Gyms or PokéStops.

Pokémon Gyms

Pokémon is about more than just collecting creatures and supplies. It’s about the battle. Users flock to Pokémon gyms, also located at real places, to fight others. You have to be a level 5 to fight at a gym where you’ll pledge your allegiance to one of three teams.

If you’re located at a Gym, you can market to users who have chosen a particular team. This can be yellow, red, or blue. If the gym is blank (which is highly unlikely now due to its popularity), you can claim the gym and become its trainer.

When the user’s team owns the gym, they can fight with a single Pokémon to raise the prestige points. As points are raised, so too is the gym level, which makes it harder to capture. If a user’s team doesn’t own the gym, they fight at that location to lower the prestige points, capture Pokémon, and eventually try to get the gym back to neutral where it can be claimed.

As users are fighting and claiming gyms, they’ll linger and gather on their phones. For residents whose homes are unfortunately a gym, this can be a little disturbing. But for businesses, this can be a great way to adjust your marketing strategy.

In order to train, users have to stay at your location. If you’re engaging them while they train or offering discounts to ensure they’re comfortable while training, you’ve just earned a new—potential repeat—customer.

More Foot Traffic

Complement your digital strategy by using Pokémon GO to your advantage. We’re seeing kids and adults alike getting way more exercise than they even realize. Walking to local PokéStops, and training in the gym to the late hours of the morning, we’re walking through the city and streets of our neighborhood.

This exercise and foot traffic can be beneficial for your business. Your brand and your storefront will be passed by new prospects and new eyes. While they will be focused on their screens, you’re faced with the opportunity to bring in new customers and increase your business.

The New Generation of Pokémon

It’s nostalgic for many young adults and a new obsession for teens around the country. The app shows its power with augmented reality and its ability to engage with users.

It’s what fans have always wanted, and Nintendo is cashing in. While it will take some time for Nintendo to see a profit, in-app purchases and daily usage will have Pokémon GO at the top of our minds.

The game is consuming our daily lives and has a chance to greatly impact your business. When you’re fortunate enough to be the location of a gym or PokéStop, create a unique experience for your customers.

It doesn’t take much, but embrace the craze that is Pokémon GO. Market to users of the app and generate business with special sales or discounts for users. If you think outside the box with your approach, you can be featured on the local news as another way to gain brand awareness. At the very least, you’ll be feeding into the frenzy.